Love Island USA Season 6 bombshells: Who is new to the villa?

Molly Byrne
love island USA bombshells season 6

Love Island USA Bombshells have already brought the heat in the first couple of days at the Villa. Here’s everything to know about the Season 6 cast additions.

Love Island USA Season 6 welcomed ten Islanders to the Villa in Fiji during its premiere on June 11. Though they paired up into five couples by the end of the first night, an Australian Bombshell walked through the doors just one day later.

Bombshells are meant to shake things up with the contestants. While they are competing in the name of love and $100,000, their late entrances can sometimes give them a disadvantage in winning and finding love, as many Islanders connect quickly on the show.

However, they can also be the perfect addition and main reason that the right people end up together, as they have the ability to break up couples and steal who they want for themselves.

Though Islanders dread them, at the same time, they celebrate having new options. Now, let’s get into who the Bombshells of Love Island USA Season 6 are.

Olivia Walker, 21

Olivia Walker

Olivia Walker, who goes by “Liv,” entered the Villa just one day after the Islanders coupled up for the first time.

She’s a 21-year-old college student from Sydney, Australia, and is an ordained minister who is ready to marry the first couple who asks… unless it’s her ex.

Connor Newsum, 28

Connon Newsum

Connor Newsum might be getting flack from the guys in the Villa after entering on day two, but the girls are loving his stature, as he’s a die-hard athlete who’s done multiple marathons and triathlons.

Though he’s a PR Specialist by day in Santa Monica, CA, he loves to spend his off-time scuba diving.

Hakeem White, 29

hakeen white

Hakeem White is originally from Kingston, Jamaica, but now resides in Miami, Florida, where he’s an online fitness and business coach.

After entering the Villa on day two, Hakeem moved quickly, asking Hannah Smith for a kiss almost immediately. Though he was a mascot in the past, can he peel back the mask and reveal his true self?

Andrea Carmona, 25

Coming in from Fiji from the good ole’ sunshine state, maybe Andrea Carmona will catch the eye of fellow Miami resident Hakeem, or perhaps they already have a history together?

Nicole Jacky, 26

Maybe Nicole Jacky’s degree in Kinesiology will help her detect if the men in the villa are moving in a snake-like way.

Miguel Harichi, 27

Miguel harichi

As a fitness model from London, UK, Miguel Harichi fits in perfectly with the Islanders. When he entered the Villa during Episode 9’s kissing challenge, the women knew immediately that someone new was there despite being blindfolded. 

Though he has his eyes on Andrea Carmona, there are plenty of available women in the Villa – can he settle down with one?



Cassidy came to find the perfect “dog dad” for her two pups – and Rob Rausch. Though she’s new to the Villa, can she handle the heat?

Kenny Rodriguez


Kenny Rodriguez is an all-around athlete and has even won an award for his rugby playing. With plenty of single women in the Villa, maybe this player can find the one.



Tall, dark, and handsome, it’s no wonder why Nigel calls himself the “full package.” He already has his eyes on Serena Page, and the two have Texas in common. Will he be able to connect deep enough to find true love?

Being that there is no limit on how many can enter the Villa, Love Island USA is hosting a casting call on three separate occasions this June for potential Season 6 Bombshells.

While fans would like to have the show air every night on Peacock, it will only be airing from Thursday through Tuesday, leaving Wednesdays free.

However, there will be a sit-down segment called Aftersun at the end of each week that divulges the drama from that week.

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