Love Island USA fans think this Season 6 bombshell is a “producer plant”

Molly Byrne
love Island season 6 producer plant

Love Island USA fans seem to think this Season 6 Bombshell was placed on the show as a “producer plant.” 

In most reality TV seasons, there’s at least one contestant who stands out as the ‘villain.’ While they add contrast to the show, over time, fans pick up on the drama they cause.

Love Island USA Season 6 is no different, as fans seem to think that Bombshell Olivia “Liv” Walker was placed on the show as a “producer plant.”

Typically, the show’s production ‘plants’ someone they know will add just enough drama to the series, as they intend to find the ultimate villain.

Not only do fans think the 21-year-old Bombshell is a “producer plant,” but many agreed that she has “instigated” her way into too much drama, especially after she egged on Leah Kateb to interrupt Rob Rausch and Andrea Carmona’s private conversation – which ultimately led to the end of Rob and Leah’s relationship.

Liv even admitted in Episode 9 that she knew the Islanders in the Villa thought she was “so negative and vindictive.”

And when she blew up at Hakeem White for showing interest in Bombshell Nicole Jacky, it seemed as though she sealed her fate with fans and their opinions.

“I really don’t know what Liv is here for, love or the mess,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “I think she’s a little mean,” added another on TikTok.

Many fans online also agree that Liv isn’t a “girl’s girl,” adding that she’s the one “stirring the pot” in the Villa.

Some fans, however, completely stan her antics and consider her “queen” of the drama, with one fan on Reddit saying that despite her ‘instigation,’ she’s “growing” on them as Season 6 continues.

Though Liv is currently coupled up with Hakeem, their fate together doesn’t look good after their chaotic argument where he told her she was too “immature.”

If Hakeem doesn’t step up for Liv in the next re-coupling ceremony, could Bombshell Miguel Harichi save her from being eliminated? Or will Liv’s drama finally come to an end on Love Island USA Season 6?

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