Love Island USA leaves fans with a surprise split-decision elimination

Molly Byrne
Season 5 Episode 9 of Love Island USA

After two couples were shockingly saved in Episode 8, Love Island USA left viewers with a cliffhanger elimination in the following episode.

Love Island USA was hit with a bombshell in episode 8, and we’re not just talking about Ariana Madix’s surprise appearance

After two couples received immunity from elimination, voting was open to the public for who would be leaving the villa in Episode 9.

However, fans were left with a cliffhanger, as both Victor and Carmen were faced with leaving before cameras ended the scene without showing the eliminated islander.

Carmen and Victor face elimination in Episode 9 of Love Island USA.
Carmen and Victor face elimination in Episode 9 of Love Island USA.

Bergie may soon be single as Carmen faces elimination

With romance heating up between some of the islander couples, episode 9’s elimination was bound to upset someone.

In the previous Episode, the islanders were split up and asked questions about their partners. The couple who got the most questions right was saved from the next elimination.

Not only that, but they were also able to save one other couple. Those who received immunity were Marco, Hannah, Leo, and Anna. 

Hannah and Marco received immunity from Episode 9's elimination.
Hannah and Marco received immunity from elimination in Episode 9.

The remaining islanders faced a public elimination after viewers casted their opinion on the most compatible couples in the villa. 

Unfortunately for Bergie, his love interest Carmen was faced with going home. Carmen’s couples partner Victor was also up for elimination.

But wait… there’s a twist, as most episodes have. Although Carmen and Victor were faced with leaving, the islanders who were safe were able to vote altogether on the one person who would be packing their bags.

When it came time to vote, Carmen and Victor anxiously awaited the islanders’ decision. 

Though in the villa, Carmen has a relationship with Bergie and Victor doesn’t have any love interest, the islanders made a split decision: Five votes for Carmen and five votes for Victor.

Cameras then cut out before the decision of who goes home was revealed. Will it be Carmen, Bergie’s dream girl — or Victor, the single gym rat?

For now, the outcome is uncertain; but with fans claiming they’ll stop watching the show unless Victor gets the boot, it’s clear that there’s a favorite in the mix among viewers.