Love Island USA’s Bergie makes the ultimate steal after an epic lie

Molly Byrne
Love Island USA cast mates Bergie and Victor

Bergie of Love Island Season 5 has heated up the villa with an epic ‘steal your girl’ moment after a cast mate told a bold lie to him. 

Though Love Island contestant Bergie Bergersen voted himself off the show almost immediately, he was able to make a comeback and team up with two new islanders, Carmen and Hannah.

Lucky for Bergie, he was able to then couple up with Kassy and keep his place in the villa. However, he now can’t help but fall for Carmen, who just might feel the same way — especially after Victor lied to Bergie’s face about Carmen’s intentions with the Minnesota native.

Inexperienced, he may be, but one thing is for sure, and it’s that Bergie is at the villa for love and will do whatever it takes to win the heart he desires.

Bergie and Carmen on Love Island USA
Bergie and Carmen on Love Island USA

Carmen said Bergie was “always” in the race

Although Bergie is bunked up with Kassy, he’s fallen for the blonde Lego-loving bombshell, Carmen. 

Bergie initially wanted to couple up with Carmen – however, islander Victor made the first move by choosing her.

Carmen, Kassy, and Victor are all aware of Bergie’s affinity for Carmen, as the two have spent countless hours chatting with each other.

Though Carmen initially wanted to test the waters with both Bergie and her islander partner Victor, she has had a change of heart after Victor lied straight to Bergie’s face.

In Episode 8, fans saw Bergie and Carmen becoming closer than ever. And in one of their intimate conversations, Bergie opened up to Carmen about what Victor told him during a gym workout.

Victor apparently told Bergie that Carmen is only feeling friend vibes with him, but that is not the case. And when Carmen caught wind of the lie, she immediately shut it down by telling the cameras in a 1-on-1 interview that Victor was trying to sabotage her relationship and that she “never said that.”

Carmen spoke with Victor after hearing the lie and outright ended things with him, angrily saying in the Episode, “What the h*ll? When did I say that it was just friendship between him and I? I always told you that he was like, in the race.”

Carmen continued to say to Victor, “I don’t see it going romantic anymore. I just plan on, kind of like, pursuing this more of a friendship.”

Though Victor has stood firm on what Carmen allegedly said about Bergie, both she and Bergie will seemingly continue to pursue each other in the upcoming Episode. And as guest host Ariana Madix said in Episode 8, “If they’re not the one for you, trust me, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later.”