Love Island USA fans think this Season 6 couple could be “endgame”

Molly Byrne
Rob and Leah love island USA season 6

One Love Island USA Season 6 couple has fans blushing at their chemistry in hopes that they go the distance.

Though they were the only couple to be broken up after Bombshell Liv Walker stole him in Episode 1, Rob Rausch and Leah Kateb of Love Island USA Season 6 have fans thinking that their relationship just might go the distance.

Leah and Rob initially connected after discovering each other had a passion for animals, as Leah has three golden retrievers and Rob is a professional snake wrangler.

When it was time for the girls to pick their boys, Leah was the only one to choose Rob in the first coupling ceremony, leaving her giddy at not having to compete for him.

That was until Liv entered the villa and showed interest in him. She ultimately decided to steal Rob away from Leah despite his lack of interest in her.

However, during the first re-coupling ceremony where the girls were able to again pick their mates, Leah stole Rob back. Liv might have seen it coming, but she still called him out for not being honest with her about his lack of attraction to her.

Before decisions were made about getting back together, Rob came up with a secret hand signal for Leah. When he wanted to have alone time with her, he would run his hand down his forearm and they would meet by the dock — an intimate nook where the two feel at peace together.

In those moments together, not only does it look like they have fallen for each other, but fans of the show have also expressed their love for their budding romance, as one fan commented that if they aren’t “endgame,” then they will start a riot.

In a Reddit thread, one fan admitted they got “butterflies” when he came up behind Leah and hugged her waist.

Another fan said they totally “ship” the new couple, while someone else praised Rob, saying they’ve never seen a Love Island boy be so “clear in his intentions” before.

Could Leah and Rob be the real deal? Though fans are rooting for them, there’s plenty of time left for things to continue to fall into place… or fall apart.