Kyle slams “fake ass b**ch” Natalya Scudder as Below Deck Med’s interior falls apart

Areesha Khan
Kyle from Below Deck MedBravo

Kyle Viljoen and Natalya Scudder’s drama continues in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 and it’s starting to harm the interior team.

In the opening half of Below Deck Med Season 8, fans have noticed Kyle Viljoen being a complete menace.

Kyle and Natalya, the two stews who joined the show, have had a hard time adjusting to each other. The two have a sour relationship off-camera and don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore, too.

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We saw Nat calling her colleague a “horrible human being” in the season’s trailer and in episode 8, it seems we are finally finding out why.

Kyle & Natalya’s feud continues in Below Deck Med episode 8

Kyle Viljoen from Below Deck MedBravo
Kyle has been at the heart of the drama this season.

Kyle is now notorious with the crew and the show’s fans for various reasons, setting himself up as someone who talks behind his friends’ backs. He has also caused some drama between Natalya and chief stew Tumi Mhlongo, at times.

In episode 8, Kyle is seen creating more needless drama with crew member Jessika Asai. He confronts Jess about how he is hurt by something she said but also lashes out more when she tries to apologize. After calming down, he then sends texts to the crew group chat seemingly shading Natalya.

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Nat and Jess both feel bullied by Kyle and express that to Tumi. At the same time, Kyle is seen blaming Natalya again as the root cause. He said, “She loves to poke her nose in other people’s business.”

Natalya Scudder from below deckInstagram/Natalya Scudder
Natalya Scudder has been called “fake” by Kyle.

The crew then has a drinking session together where it seems that they might be making up to each other and smoothing things over. But Kyle rocks the boat once again after a discussion with Natalya over LGBTQ+ inclusion.

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In the heat of the moment, he yells at Natalya to take care of her “own f***ed up life” and calls her “fake-ass b**ch” for talking behind others’ backs.

With the crew deck, Jack Stirrup has been caught disobeying Captain Sandy’s orders, and the stews are still failing to get along. It seems that the interior team might be falling apart – but there are still a few episodes left, so plenty of time for a recovery!

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