Captain Sandy gives Below Deck Med star an ultimatum over “bullying” behavior

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captain sandy below deck

Captain Sandy Yawn has had it with one of her crew members in Below Deck Med Season 8, threatening to boot him off the boat if his “bullying” behavior continues.

Sandy has never been shy in axing members of her team and the consensus among fans is that one cast star is on borrowed time – Kyle.

In episode 10, she agrees with them. Kyle narrowly escaped the axe after Natalya Scudder left the boat in episode 9 but it won’t be long before he’s sent packing as well.

In a heated discussion with Kyle Viljoen, who has been at the center of every crew drama this charter season and even quit social media, Sandy throws down the gauntlet in a way not seen since Hannah Ferrier’s dramatic firing.

Captain Sandy threatens to fire Kyle over “bullying” in Below Deck Mediterranean

She said: “Every situation that’s happened on this boat, guess who’s the common denominator? This is a professional setting.

“You want to be chief stew? You can’t even control your emotions. I promise you I will put you on the dock so fast if you don’t change.

“Your bullying, your screaming, your lack of respect in the workplace for people? I won’t tolerate it, Kyle. If I have one crew member come to me about you, you’re off.”

You can watch the clip on Bravo’s YouTube channel below.

Kyle takes his medicine and walks away from his superior, but there’s a huge shift in his view moments later.

“I’m resigning,” he tells Tumi. “The captain, I’ve never seen her so angry…”

He later says that being called the common denominator was the final straw and that he’s going to quit the boat. Though, some support from Tumi might have convinced him to stick around a little longer.

“We only have two-and-a-half weeks left,” she added. “If you leave, we’re short-handed probably for the rest of the season. I don’t want to lose you… That’s the truth. You are such an asset to the boat.”

What the future holds for Kyle remains to be seen but it looks like his time on Captain Sandy’s luxury yacht is coming to an end. If not now, sometime very soon.

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