Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy is fed up with her Deck Crew

Areesha Khan
Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck MediterraneanBravo

Below Deck Meddeteranian Season 8 interior crew gave Captain Sandy Yawn such a hard time that she finally exploded and got “so f**king mad” in episode 11. Here is everything you need to know about the situation.

Captain Sandy Yawn has had it with her crew members in Below Deck Med Season 8, and it seems that in every episode she is forced to become more firm with the crew. Fans had been speculating that if things continued as they were the interior team was going to fall apart. Thankfully, Captain Sandy stepped up to take responsibility for all the mess.

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In episode 10, she sternly addressed crewmate and Stew Kyle Viljeon’s bullying behavior and threatened to boot him off the yacht if he didn’t behave himself.

She warned Kyle and said, “You can’t even control your emotions. I promise you I will put you on the dock so fast if you don’t change. Your bullying, your screaming, your lack of respect in the workplace for people? I won’t tolerate it, Kyle. If I have one crew member come to me about you, you’re off.”

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During episode 11, she addressed the entire team and let them know that their behavior was not accepted anymore.

What was Captain Sandy mad about in season 8?

below deck med captain sandyBravo
Captain Sandy Yawn will no doubt step up if the team is failing to meet standards.

Throughout the season there was a collective mess of situations created by the crew that were piling on Captain Sandy. We had the crew deck, Jack Stirrup, disobeying Captain Sandy’s orders.

The stews, Kyle Viljeon, Natalya Scudder, and Tumi Mhlongo, failed to get along. The bosun, Luka Brunton, was mishandling his leadership responsibilities and tried to leave the yacht mid-season. These personal clashes then caused miscommunication between the deck and interior team which went on to disrupt the scheduling of the teams’ duties.

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Captain Sandy was also upset about the deck looking like “a frat house” with dirty dishes piled in the sink and empty beer cans on the floor. The season 8 crew has been pure entertaining chaos for viewers but a headache for the Captain.

Captain Sandy addressed Luka and said, “It is important to have at least two deckhands on board in case of an emergency. I have to be able to maneuver, I have to hall anchor. Not only is it safety, but we have guests on board. It is about service.”

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Fans agreed that Captain Sandy’s anger was appropriate and the team needed a wake-up call.

She continued that she wasn’t happy with everything and said, “When [Tumi] called and called, the deck crew needed to f**king answer. I’m f**king mad.” 

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