Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans debate Gary or Colin in Season 4 Daisy love triangle drama

Je'Kayla Crawford
Gary, Daisy, and Colin from Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans have made it clear whether or not they ship Daisy with Colin or Gary in the Season 4 love triangle.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 is already at the mid-season point. But, that doesn’t mean that the entertainment is over.

The biggest storyline of the season has been the love triangle between Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher, First Mate Gary King, and Engineer Gary King.

The romance has spilled into some off-screen drama. Even Captain Glenn has given his two cents on the matter.

Before the real truth of who Daisy ultimately ends up with is revealed, fans have already chosen a side.

Do fans like Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Colin or Gary?

On June 5, fans started a Reddit page to discuss what they think about the two men that Daisy has been romantic with this season. Most comments decided that Colin was the better choice over Gary by a long shot.

This is no surprise since Gary has constantly been getting on the nerves of viewers and the other crew members throughout the season so far.

One fan wrote, “I just think Gary is a selfish child. He’s obviously been into Daisy since the start, but never properly gets around to doing something about it.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “I had no idea Gary was such a trainwreck! He scammed his way with Mads but no, not good enough for Gary. He learns that Colin kissed Daisy, so now he wants Daisy!”

It does seem as though Daisy is more entranced in Gary because of his game, which is also confusing for viewers.

One fan wrote, “Daisy has more feelings for Gary than she’s willing to admit and it boggles the mind because she’s a smart woman. I just don’t get it. She knows Gary’s game and it doesn’t matter.”

With two episodes releasing at a time, fans will get to Daisy’s decision quicker than planned. 

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