Below Deck star Gary King reveals “love triangle” with crewmates

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Below Deck love triangle

Below Deck’s Gary King revealed that he and his fellow crewmates onboard Parsifal III got themselves into a jealous love triangle.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht might not have ships as big as the luxury yachts in the original show, but it certainly has drama that is just as good, even if Captain Lee isn’t coming back.

In Season 3 of the show, Gary and chief stewardess Daisy Kelliher got intimate in the ship’s hot tub, leading many to speculate that they’d hook up after the show ended.

But in Season 4, we instead see Daisy make moves on chief engineer Colin Macrae, who recently found himself single.

Below Deck crew find themselves in a love triangle

In an interview, Gary revealed that he didn’t properly follow up on his intimacy with Daisy, saying he’d “shot myself in the foot” by not asking for anything more.

“Daisy and I have had a connection — well, I certainly believe so, for many years — and I think there’s chemistry there and … it certainly hit me. I was like, wow.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht logo
Below Deck Sailing Yacht is back for Season 4

“I’ve had my chance to get with Daisy, I didn’t take my chance, and now she’s hooking up with Colin and I’m jealous over it. So, it’s quite a contradiction, but it’s just how I felt really.”

However, Gary also said that while he felt jealous of Colin, they are still on good terms, and he doesn’t plan on letting his feelings get in the way of the friendship.

“Me and Colin chat all the time. I’m not gonna let someone get in the way of a friendship. I mean, you can see from season 2 and 3, Colin and my relationship is really, really good.

“Yes, it was a love triangle and yes, Colin and I do argue a little bit, but I think we’ve brushed it under the rug. Our friendship is strong enough to not let anything get in the way of it.”

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