Are Below Deck’s Ben & Sunny still together? Season 11 romance explained

Erica Handel
Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis Below Deck

Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis are involved in a boatmance on Below Deck Season 11, and the crew members are clearing up their relationship status.

Bosun Ben Willoughby became interested in deckhand Sunny Marquis on Below Deck Season 11, and they formed a boatmance on the St. David.

Although the crew members agreed that they weren’t exclusively dating, Sunny was jealous when Ben flirted with the new stew, Paris Field.

Ben and Sunny had a discussion about his flirtatious behavior and were finally able to get on the same page again. He even promoted her to Lead Deckhand, which caused controversy with fellow deckhand Dylan Pierre de Villiers, who thought it was unfair.

However, Ben started to miss his Season 10 girlfriend Camille Lamb while looking on her Instagram stories, and even FaceTimed her on the show.

In the April 29 episode of Season 11, Paris noticed that Ben reposted one of Camille’s stories and told Sunny, and it made her upset.

When Sunny confronted him, Ben decided to end the boatmance because he missed the spark he had with Camille and admitted that he didn’t feel the same way about his connection with Sunny.

On April 30, Ben let his Instagram followers know where the Season 11 stars stand today, even though the show is still airing.

Ben and Sunny Below Deck

“How are you and Sunny now?” a Below Deck fan asked after the episode aired.

“I realized I did hurt her feelings. I didn’t know how deep of a feeling she had towards me and was trying to make both Season 10 and Season 11 work simultaneously.. evidently that doesn’t work. We are on the great terms with each other. Watch this space,” Ben wrote.

In an Instagram post from May 19, Sunny revealed that she’s jumping back into the dating pool after her time on the St. David.

“Going on a date, which restaurant are you going to? I’m going Greek (if the both of us have garlic breath it should be fine right),” the Below Deck star wrote in the caption.

The post included three photos of the deckhand sitting at an outside table in the island of Crete, Greece.

Sunny hinted that she’s moving on from her boatmance and is looking for a new man, but has still maintained a close friendship with Ben.

As the season continues, viewers will see Ben and Sunny’s friendship grow and how they work their way towards getting to a better place again.

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