What happened to Camille from Below Deck? Firing episode & dating history explained

David Purcell
camille lamb below deck season 10

Below Deck star Camille Lamb was one of the fiercest characters in Season 10 and was ultimately fired after Captain Lee Rosbach left the show – but, what happened?

There has been no shortage of dramatic firings in Below Deck over the years and this one rivals Hannah Ferrier’s exit from Below Deck Med.

Every cast member responds differently to the challenges of a charter season and in Season 10, nobody struggled to adapt like Camille Lamb. Lamb went to the University of Mississippi and after her dumping from Bravo’s show, was replaced by Tyler Walker.

Here, we look at that dramatic firing episode and what she’s up to now.

What happened to Camille Lamb from Below Deck? Firing explained

Camille from below deck
Camille has become a big hit since leaving Below Deck.

Camille Lamb was fired from the Below Deck Season 10 crew by Captain Sandy Yawn in episode 9, after she replaced Captain Lee mid-charter season. Now, she creates content on OnlyFans and is pursuing a career in music.

Lamb was a constant source of drama and worked between the interior and exterior teams. It meant she had to divide her time between jobs on deck and hospitality, which proved frustrating and emotions quickly boiled over, leading to confrontations with multiple workers on board.

Both Chief Steward Fraser Olender and Chef Rachel Hargrove said she didn’t follow through with tasks, which ultimately forced Sandy into a decision.

“I’ve probably had 10 conversations with her and she blew it. Now, today, this is her last day,” Captain Sandy told viewers. In response, Camille said she did not deserve to be let go, calling it “bulls**t.”

Watch a recap of Camille’s dramatic firing below, from Bravo.

Are Camille and Ben still together from Below Deck?

No – Camille and Ben Willoughby are not in a relationship. The pair enjoyed a romantic fling in Season 10 and, despite a reunion episode, where Camille came to a restaurant for a final meal, they have gone their separate ways off-screen.

Camille returned to Florida after the show and they have not been spotted together since.

Ben accused Camille of cheating

Below Deck Ben Willoughby

Ahead of the Season 11 premiere of Below Deck, Ben alleged that the reason why Camille and him broke up was that he allegedly found out that she was being unfaithful in their relationship.

He said: “I’d been in Australia for about two weeks and then I decided to fly back to see her because she was missing me. She said she really wanted to be with me in Florida, so I made the decision to head over to Florida. Got there and decided she wasn’t faithful.”

She hasn’t publicly addressed his claim as of yet.

What does Camille from Below Deck do now?

After leaving Below Deck, Camille has been recording music and releasing it on social media. She also creates exclusive content for her subscribers.

In January, the Below Deck Season 10 star announced she would be following her childhood dream, trying to turn a passion into a career.

She has also announced her to desire to do more reality TV shows, such as Love Island.

Camille is pushing her music career more and more

In 2023, Camille released her first-ever full-length project, an EP called fromtheEP with four original songs. The official runtime of the EP is less than 10 minutes.

The former reality TV star has also published several music videos, including visual aids for HOLD ON and Right On Top.

Whether or not Camille Lamb will be able to piggyback off her appearances on-screen and make it big in the music scene remains to be seen – but one thing is for sure, Captain Sandy Yawn won’t be calling her any time soon for a yacht gig.

Does Camille from Below Deck have a baby?

Following an Instagram post back in 2021, where Camille was pictured with a baby, rumors spread about who the baby daddy might be – with some suggesting it may be her ex-boyfriend, quarterback Shea Patterson. In fact, the baby was her nephew and she does not have a kid.

Why did Camille Lamb split with NFL boyfriend?

On Below Deck, Camille said that the reason she deleted all photographs she had posted with her ex-boyfriend and eventually split was because he had cheated.

“I was depressed and I had anxiety and I was kind of a joke at that point. It’s like I just wanted to get away. I wanted no one to know me,” she said.