How to sign up for Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace beta

Sourav Banik
an image of 556XI Black Ice in R6

Rainbow Six Siege’s Marketplace has arrived in beta and here’s how you can sign up to start trading skins and other cosmetics.

One aspect that players love about Counter-Strike is its marketplace where they can buy and sell skins of different weapons anytime they like. By the end of Year 8 Season 4, Rainbow Six Siege also got a similar update, with Ubisoft introducing a Marketplace for the first time.

It’s still in beta, meaning only a handful of players can access the Marketplace right now, but if you are eager to try out the R6 Marketplace, you’ll first need to sign up to make sure you’re eligible.

Here’s what you need to do.

How to join Rainbow Six Marketplace beta

To sign up for Rainbow Six Marketplace beta, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head over to Ubisoft’s official Rainbow Six Marketplace beta page.
  2. Press the Sign Up for Beta button.
  3. Click on the Register button and sign in with your Ubisoft Connect account.
  4. Wait to see if you get approved for the beta.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll receive an email in your inbox from Ubisoft that will confirm your sign-up for Rainbow 6 Marketplace beta.

When your profile gets approved by Ubisoft, you’ll receive an email with detailed instructions on how to access the Closed Beta. And then you may start buying and selling weapons skins, charms, and more in exchange for Credits.

Rainbow Six Marketplace benefits

The R6 Marketplace has a number of benefits for players to enjoy:

  • An alternative to Alpha Pack drops
  • You can purchase Elite skins and rare items that are hard to find
  • You can sell off unwanted weapon cosmetics and charms for extra Credits
  • Once you have enough Credits in hand, you may purchase the Battle Pass at no extra cost

So, if you were waiting for that R4C Black Ice to drop from an Alpha Pack, or always wanted to get an ultra-rare skin in Rainbow 6 history like the R4C Glacier, now is the time.

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