Rainbow Six Team Deathmatch guide: How it works, TDM tips & tricks

Hibana, Sledge, and Lesion in Rainbow six siegeUbisoft

Team Deathmatch is coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Demon Veil. Want to get the most out of the new game mode? Here’s how it works, and some tips and tricks for both winning and improving your skill at the same time.

At long last, Siege is getting a permanent TDM mode. No more having to run through T-Hunt to get warmed up for the day, you can jump right into a game against others and frag out to get your aim locked in.

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There’s also a bit of healthy competition in the game mode, with Ubisoft hoping Team Deathmatch becomes the game’s premier practice tool. Here’s how it works, and how you can get the most out of TDM in Siege.

iq rainbow six siegeUbisoft
Get ready to frag out in TDM.

How does Team Deathmatch work in Rainbow Six?

The Team Deathmatch mode pits teams of five against each other on three of Siege’s maps: Favela, Villa, and Theme Park. Each team is working towards a common goal ⁠— getting the most kills. No sites to defend or hostages to rescue, just pure fragging.

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Each TDM game lasts five minutes. The winner will be the first team to 75 points, or whoever scores the most frags before the time limit is reached.

To even out the playing field, there are no gadgets allowed ⁠— except for Impact Grenades and Stun Grenades. You can’t drone, and there’s no rappelling (going outside will kill you after 10 seconds).

You can pick attackers or defenders regardless of what team you’re on, and you can double up on Operators on your own team. Get sick of an Operator in the middle of a round? You can swap too. All Operators are available except for the shield operators: Montagne, Clash, and Blitz. Osa is available, while Fuze won’t be able to take his shield as a weapon.

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There’s also no penalty for leaving and no abandon sanctions, making TDM the perfect warm-up tool.

Thorn with M870 shotgun shooting capitao on Favela in rainbow six siege tdm modeUbisoft
TDM is all about just killing the enemy — simple.

Tips and tricks for Team Deathmatch in Rainbow Six

The first tip here for winning Team Deathmatch in Rainbow Six should be obvious ⁠— get more kills than the enemy team. You will win Team Deathmatch if your aim is on point and you win your duels, simple as that.

However, there’s more to the mode that meets the eye. If you truly want to win, you’ll want to hunt in packs. Stick with a buddy who can trade for you if you go down, and be constantly on the move so you don’t get caught by random enemy spawns.

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Team Deathmatch shouldn’t necessarily be that serious though. In reality, it’s really just a great way to improve your gun skill with dynamic fights. To get the most out of TDM, throw winning out the window and pick Operators you want to learn.

If you suck at using DMRs, grab Dokkaebi or Aruni and get to work. Want to improve your AR spray control? Take your favorite entry Operator, run around headless, and get that spray down pat. Using TDM to learn new things and taking those skills into ranked is much better.

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Aruni is the only new Siege operator arriving in Operation Neon Dawn.Ubisoft
TDM is the best place to learn how to use Operator weaponry you haven’t yet mastered.

Team Deathmatch launches in Rainbow Six Year 7 as part of Operation Demon Veil on February 22, 2021.

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