Rainbow Six Azami guide: Loadouts, tips & tricks for Demon Veil defender

Azami in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft

Azami is Rainbow Six’s newest defender in Demon Veil, with the Japanese private security agent bringing a new ace up her sleeve. Her Kiba Barriers will change the way the game is played, and she has a good loadout to run with it too. We’ve got the top Azami guide here with the best tips and tricks for her.

Operation Demon Veil is introducing a second Japanese defender into Team Rainbow’s ranks: Azami. The new Rainbow Six Operator, and the first of Year 7, will be able to quickly patch up breaches made by attackers with her unique Kiba Barrier gadget.

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It sounds powerful ⁠— because it is ⁠— but that’s not all to Azami. We’ve got a guide right here with the best loadout, tips, and tricks you need to master the Demon Veil defender.


Azami loadout in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
Azami has access to some powerful utility.

Azami loadout: weapons and gadgets

Azami’s defender loadout doesn’t feature an AR or a DMR ⁠— unlike the last few releases. Instead, she’s got the 9x19VSN SMG (Kapkan, Tachanka) and the ACS12 shotgun (Alibi, Maestro) as her main weapons.

It’s not the most powerful loadout, but the 9x19VSN is far from being the worst SMG in the game with its 34 damage per bullet at 750 RPM. The 31 bullet magazine also helps, meaning you won’t run out of juice too quickly into your spray (compared to a P10 Roni, for example).

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As for her sidearms, she gets the D-50 Deagle by default, with a choice of Barbed Wire or Impact Grenade for her secondary gadgets. The latter synergizes with her primary gadgets, Kiba Barrier, while the latter is just generally useful for making rotates. Bring what your team is lacking.

The flashy part of Azami’s loadout in Rainbow Six though is her unique gadget, Kiba Barriers. Deployed as a little kunai, they blow up to cover up patches in walls, floors, and ceilings. They are bulletproof and cover a decent amount of space, but will only deploy when attached to a surface and only in a circle.

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Azami kiba barrier deployed on bank ceo window in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
You can use Kiba Barriers to block attackers from rappeling into buildings, for example.

If thrown at an enemy, they will do five damage. The kunai doesn’t do any damage to allies. The Kiba Barrier can be destroyed by explosives or Sledge’s hammer, but otherwise it’s as good as a reinforcement. It makes Azami exceptionally good at reclaiming site control and putting up defenses as attackers breach in from every angle.

You can find Azami’s full Rainbow Six loadout below, with bolded choices indicating our preferred picks.

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Azami loadout in Rainbow Six

Primary weapons

  • 9x19VSN
  • ACS12

Secondary weapons

  • D-50

Secondary gadgets

  • Impact Grenades
  • Barbed Wire

Azami tips & tricks

Use Kiba Barriers to stop vertical play

Azami Kiba Barriers deployed on bank ceiling in Rainbow SixUbisoft
This is the best use for Kiba Barriers because it’s unique to Azami.

Because you can throw Kiba Barriers, you might think it’s a great way to block up an attacker breach from a safe spot on site. And you’d be right. However, there is another, even better use ⁠— Azami’s Kiba Barriers are the first vertical denial defenders have access to in Siege.

Playing against a Sledge or Buck? Someone blew open some holes in the roof with Breaching Charges? Azami can block it back up and make defender spots safe again. They can be hard to deal with after that too: Buck can’t do it, and Sledge has to swing his hammer at the right angle. Only something like an Ash or Zofia charge can deal with it easily.

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This is a much better use of Kiba Barriers. Obviously, it’s of limited use for top floor defenses on some maps, but if you’re in Consulate Basement, you’ll thank us later.

Combine Kiba Barriers with other utility to make deadly chokes

Kiba barrier deployed on Bank banana window in Rainbow SixUbisoft
If you deploy a Kiba Barrier on the top of a doorway (or window), it is much harder to come through.

If you aren’t using Kiba Barriers to patch holes in ceilings, you can use them to create deadly chokes. Throwing one on top of a doorway will make it so you have to crouch to get through, and if you add barbed wire into the mix it’s like shooting ducks.

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This isn’t the only option. Throwing Thorn’s Razorbloom Shell into the mix or Ela’s Grzmot Mine can make it even more precarious for attackers. These little death traps walking onto site are great for defenders.

Azami counters in Rainbow Six

There’s no real big catch-22 counter to Azami ⁠— outside of Sledge ⁠— in Siege. If an attacker is wasting utility on Kiba Barriers (say, an Ash charge), you’ve done your job. Ash only has two of those, and you get up to four Kiba Barriers, so it hurts the attackers more than your side.

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That being said, Azami isn’t infallible. You can just choose to ignore her Kiba Barriers or blow them up. Anyone who can catch her off-guard with quick vertical play, like Buck, can at least hamper her efforts. However, they have to be quick to stop her from patching things up.