Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 season pass content leaked in-game

David Purcell
Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 leaked

Details surrounding the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 pass have leaked ahead of schedule, just a day after Ubisoft revealed their brand new 4.2 update for the first-person shooter, and a big change to operators looks likely. 

The game’s developers rolled out their biggest update in quite some time on January 13, marking the unexpected return of Clash after exploits and in-game issues saw the character previously removed.

While there were a change to operators, maps and more included in the patch, details regarding the next major update appear to have slipped through the net as well.

UbisoftA game-breaking exploit impacting the Clash operator led to her removal in 2019.

Reddit user ignotusartifex posted a leaked image to the Rainbow Six subreddit on January 13, revealing what appears to be some components included in the next year’s pass – in the form of a ‘new content available’ pop-up in-game.

For those who aren’t aware, the Year 4 Rainbow Six Siege season pass includes seven days early access to eight new operators over the course of 12 months, 600 extra credits, VIP perks such as discounts on cosmetics, uniforms and skins. Essentially, it gives you VIP access to a number of perks.

So, with the Year 4 one very much confirmed by Ubisoft, let’s take a look at what this leaker claims will be included next time around.

As is the case with many of these season passes that have been released so far, the leaked version shows there may be potential changes – some of which the community aren’t too happy about.

One of these tweaks, for example, is that there appears to be two less operators than the year previous, meaning they will potentially be released every four months as opposed to every three.

One user noticed another difference, though. They posted: “Hm, do we no longer get 600 credits when we buy the Season Pass?” While another wrote: “Wondering the same. If not I’ll probably skip the pass this time around. Not much point in paying for a week of early access when I’ll have plenty of renown to buy the new Ops.”

Whether or not this is actually going to be the eventual makeup of the Year 5 season pass remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that the contents of the image here is unconfirmed by Ubisoft at the time of writing. If that changes, though, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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