Rainbow Six Siege players not happy as Ubisoft confirm Clash return

Joe Craven

Fans of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s tactical first-person shooter, have expressed frustration with the announcement that operator Clash will be making her way back into the game, following a temporary absence. 

Rainbow Six Siege has transcended what is expected of typical FPS titles. Despite launching back in 2015, the game has remained incredibly popular thanks to the support of Ubisoft; bringing a host of new operators and maps over the last few years. 

However, the game’s longevity does not mean it is immune to glitches and bugs, particularly surrounding the newer operators. Clash, who boasts an electrified riot shield, was added in Year 3. 

Clash and her electrified shield.

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She became a fairly controversial figure in the Rainbow Six community, with many frustrated at another riot shield operator. This was worsened by the fact her shield also boasts the ability to damage and slow enemies with its taser. 

It also became clear in the months after her implementation that she could be exploited massively, to the point where she had a gun out, but could not be hit from the front, as the game mistook her character model as having its shield out. 

In response to the issue, Clash was temporarily disabled from all game modes. 

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On January 10, Ubisoft confirmed that she will finally be returning to Rainbow Six, as part of the Year 4 Season 4.2 patch. The Clash exploit will be fixed with the 4.2 patch and she will be re-enabled at that time,” they said. “More news on the Y4S4.2 patch will be provided later.” 

They also confirmed that other adjustments to the game will accompany the return of Clash. Despite the fact her exploit has been fixed, many players were reluctant to see her return. 

Streamer and ex-Rainbow Six world champion George ‘KingGeorge’ Kassa said to Ubisoft: “Please take your time with the update, every day without clash is a good one.”

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Other Rainbow Six players echoed this opinion. One said: “Just get her off the game once and for all to be honest”, while another went for: “No don’t do this leave her disabled”.

Clash is set to be reimplemented soon, regardless of the fan backlash. Whether or not she will be nerfed in the future as a result of community feedback remains to be seen.