Rainbow Six’s Rick and Morty crossover revealed: Smoke & Sledge skins

Andrew Amos
Rainbow Six Rick and Morty Skins Smoke Sledge

The Rainbow Six and Rick and Morty crossover has finally been revealed. After announcing the collaboration at the Year 6 launch, players can get their hands on Rick and Morty-inspired Sledge and Smoke skins starting April 15.

Rainbow Six is getting yet another crossover to celebrate the big Year 6 anniversary. Rick and Morty are rolling by Team Rainbow in their “20 minute in-and-out adventure” to be immortalized in Siege.

The crossover was revealed during the Year 6 presentation on February 19 with just a simple image of the green portal in the hit TV show. Now, we know the full details of the collaboration, involving British duo Smoke and Sledge.

Gromflomite Sledge & Pickle Rick Smoke added to Siege

Both Sledge and Smoke have been ported into the wacky world of Rick and Morty with two cartoon-style skins.

Smoke has turned into a Pickle in his bundle. Featuring a rat face headgear and a tin mask, underneath that body of armor is a pickle.

Sledge’s Gromflomite bundle is a bit more high-tech and futuristic compared to Smoke’s Pickle Rick outfit. While he doesn’t have the full insect-alien vibe going on, you can’t miss those lattice-patterned eyes.

Pickle Rick Smoke skin in Rainbow Six Siege
The Rick and Morty collaboration features this Pickle Rick Smoke skin.

The duo will be available in Siege starting April 15. It’s likely they’ll be available for purchase in the in-game store, but we will keep you updated.

Rainbow Six crossovers

The Rick and Morty collaboration is just one of numerous crossovers Ubisoft are exploring for Rainbow Six.

Operation Shadow Legacy in Y5S3 was one massive crossover ⁠— Ubisoft added Sam ‘Zero’ Fisher from Splinter Cell into Rainbow Six: Siege. Ash also got a Lara Croft-inspired Elite skin in 2020.

Since then, Rainbow Six has also entered the world of Resident Evil with a Jill Valentine Elite skin for Zofia.

Tomb Raider Ash portrait for Rainbow Six: Siege
The Tomb Raider Ash elite skin was the first real crossover in Rainbow Six: Siege.

It comes as the team behind Rick and Morty are set to announce the dates for the release of Season 5 in the near future, which fans will be hoping comes this year.

If you’re more interested in the Siege side, there’s plenty of new content to dive into across Rainbow Six Year 6. Operation Crimson Heist was fully revealed on February 21 to much fanfare, including new attacker Flores and the Border map rework.