Flores revealed as new Rainbow Six attacker in Operation Crimson Heist

Andrew Amos
Flores in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has unveiled the new Rainbow Six attacker coming in Operation Crimson Heist, an Argentine named Flores. He is the game’s 59th operator, and will be bringing the heat with his explosive drone.

The Rainbow Six roster is expanding in Operation Crimson Heist, and it’s the attackers who are getting the edge. Flores is set to arrive in Year 6 Season 1, and he’ll be coming in with a bang.

The Argentine’s kit is donned with explosives from top-to-bottom, really tearing up the battlefield. Here’s what we know about Flores, and when you can get your hands on the new Operator.

Flores leaked details: gadget, weapons

With speculation abound since his teasers went live on February 18, we now have locked in information on Flores. The Argentine controls explosive RCE-Ratero drones to blow holes in bombsites, destroy defender utility, and more. He can even use it to kill enemies.

The drone is similar to your regular drones in Siege, but you can’t stop them once you start it up. It does significant damage, but is also quite vulnerable until you decide to set it off.

The two-speed two-armor attacker will have access to the AR33 and SR-25 rifles, as well as the GSH-18 sidearm. His secondary gadgets consist of Claymores and Stun Grenades.

Flores will be a handy addition to any attacking squad. His drones provide a mix of utility and firepower, and can replace a soft breacher if you so choose. It also goes hand in hand with the new Gonne-6 sidearm, making clearing defender utility a breeze.

Flores drone in Rainbow Six Operation Crimson Heist
The RCE-Ratero drone has a timer (seen on the left) before it explodes.

When is Flores coming to Rainbow Six?

Flores will be released as part of Operation Crimson Heist. The new expansion is set to release on March 18, 2021. It will be available on the TTS earlier though, starting February 22, 2021.

He will be available as part of the Operation Crimson Heist battle pass for the first two weeks as part of the new in-game pass system announced in Year 6. After that, he’ll be available to all players.

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