Osa revealed as new Rainbow Six attacker in Operation Crystal Guard: gadget, release date

Osa revealed as new Rainbow Six attacker in Operation Crystal GuardUbisoft

Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard is around the corner, and it’s set to introduce an exciting new operator, Osa. Here’s everything we know so far, including her gadget, release date, and more.

Ever since Ubisoft revealed the first details about Operation Crystal Guard on August 10, Rainbow Six players have been obsessing over one thing; the new operator, Anja ‘Osa’ Jankovic.

Described as an expert in electromechanics, military engineering, and robotics who was recruited into Nighthaven right after she finished university, Osa was trained in field operations by Jaimini ‘Kali’ Shahherself.

Let’s take a look at everything we know about her so far, starting with what we saw in the official reveal trailer.

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Osa loadout: weapons and gadgets

Initially, Osa was expected to be a defender. However, leaks hinted she would be an attacker instead, and that was confirmed in the trailer.

She is a two-speed, two-armor operator wielding the Talon-8 Shield. Unlike Montagne and Blitz though, Osa uses her barrier on attack like a deployable shield. She can drop it almost everywhere on the map, providing cover while being able to see through the transparent panes.

Her shield is incredibly versatile. You can deploy it while rappelling on windows to get some nice lines of sight, and even hold it up as a temporary barrier ⁠— akin to the spin trick on Clash (except the shields aren’t stored on her back, so no cheeky plants).

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Osa comes equipped with Thermite’s 556XI and Jackal’s PDW9 as primary weapons, and the PMM sidearm. Stun Grenades and Claymores are her choice of secondary gadgets.

Rainbow Six-Siege OsaUbisoft
Osa’s talents and skills make her a formidable attacking operator.

Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard release date

Rainbow Six Operation Crystal Guard, including Osa, will launch on the test server on August 17 ⁠— just after the Mexico Major kicks off. Her full release will come in early September.

Along with Osa, three map reworks are launching in the Y6S3 update, as well as major balancing changes to Twitch, Fuze, IQ, and more.