Rainbow Six’s Alpha Packs are getting reworked in Year 7

Rainbow Six Alpha PacksUbisoft

Rainbow Six players have wanted the “counter-productive” and “frustrating” Alpha Packs system to be reworked for quite some time, and the developers confirmed it’s finally happening in Year 7.

Like most games, Rainbow Six has a loot box system that allows players to obtain cosmetic items to customize their characters, weapons, and profiles. And like most gaming communities, players have been frustrated with it at times.

A quick search will find countless threads filled with people complaining about how Alpha Packs are filled with “crap items” and “duplicates” and need to be reworked.

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The sheer amount of criticism is almost as old as the system itself.

Fortunately, the developers confirmed they’re finally planning to make some changes to how it works in Year 7.

Rainbow Six Alpha PacksUbisoft
Rainbow Six players can obtain cosmetics from Alpha Packs.

The news came about in response to a player who described the system as “counterproductive” and “frustrating” and asked if and when it would happen.

“We’re looking to improve the Alpha Pack system in Year 7 by removing some of the less valuable content like common and uncommon cosmetics and replacing them with new ones and adding more valuable content,” developer Mohammed Benhenneda told players.

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They believe that will help make them “more exciting” for players. However, it’s not the only change they’ve got in mind.

They’re also looking at how much exclusive content is included in Alpha Packs and how it can be rotated to make them a “more enjoyable experience.”

As the developer explained, these changes are expected to happen sometime in Year 7, which means we won’t see them until 2022.

However, the news was well-received among fans, who believe it’s a welcome change and one that has been a long-time coming.

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