We spoke to the MTG fan who pulled the One Ring: “This kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like me”

Patrick Dane
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Last week The MTG 1:1 The One Ring card was found. The circumstances have been shrouded in mystery, however Dexerto has been in touch with the puller. Here’s their story.

The search for the One Ring is over. Magic: The Gathering has now concluded its wildest chase in its history, and the most expensive card ever printed is now up for sale. In Willy Wonka-like fashion, people were buying Collector’s Booster boxes by the dozen, all hoping to find that elusive card. Streamers, who normally wouldn’t have anything to do with MTG,  like xQc, got in on it, though, of course, he wasn’t the one who found it.

Details such as who and how the card were pulled are sparse, thus far. As we’ve tried to corroborate, it seems like the card was found in Canada. Dave and Adam’s, who was the first to place a $1 million bounty on the card (which eventually rose to $2 million), also claim they had spoken to the person, and that now the puller was looking to find a buyer. All eyes are on how much the card will sell for now, and if we will know about the terms of the sale at all. 

However, on the other side of all the money talk, is a person who now has a pretty incredible story. And we got to interview them. The puller has wisely decided to remain anonymous for the time being (which we are respecting), and we spoke to them through newly hired representation. While these are savvy moves, the MTG fan is not a big streamer or someone who bought hundreds of boxes to find the card. They almost didn’t even buy the box at all. As far as they claim, they are just a normal person, who’s life has changed overnight. 

Here’s what it’s like to pull the MTG 1:1 the One Ring. 

Below is a set of questions we posed to the lucky individual. This was their response, through their representation at the Notable Group:

Q: Could you elaborate on pulling the card? Where did it happen? How many collectors boosters had you opened?

A: I had a pre-order of a Collectors Box that I was set to pick up on June 17th. But, for some reason, I woke up early on June 16th and decided to head to the store when it opened. I was the first one in. I asked if they had any collector boxes for sale, and they said they had a few left. So, I bought two. I opened the extra boxes at home, and there it was, in the 6th pack of the second box!

Q: What was that moment like when you pulled it? Did you believe it was happening?

A: Complete and utter shock! My hands were shaking once I realized the card I pulled. I knew it was a life-changing moment.

Q: I’d love to get your take on the chase to find it. We obviously saw big streamers like xQc trying to track it down, so what did you make of all that?

A: Every time I read something or see a video, I get hit with a wave of joy. Like watching Cash Cards Unlimited’s livestream and seeing what he speculates the card to be worth and listening to him talk about the ring. Meanwhile, the whole time I’m smiling from ear to ear with it in my hands! It’s just amazing. This whole experience has been incredible.

Q: I realize this is probably nebulous for you now, but do you think this kind of hunt is good for the game?

A: I think this whole collaboration, including the hunt, brought a lot of good to the MTG community. It brought new players and brought back some of the old ones. The set is fun to play and collect. I hope they continue to bring more of these collaborations and more of these hunts.

Q: I guess ultimately I’d love to know, how life-changing is this? Is it strange for your interest in Magic to shape your future like this?

A: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will change my life. this kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like me. I plan on selling it to invest and set up my future.

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