Post Malone buys historic One Ring MTG card valued at a whopping $2 million

Ethan Dean

The most valuable card in MTG history now resides with one of its most prominent fans. Post Malone has just purchased the One Ring card and the authority to rule us all.

Magic: The Gathering’s recent Lord of the Rings set sent collectors and fans of the game into a frenzy with a hyper-limited One Ring card. Bounties were placed on the card for $2 million and caused a global hunt for the one-of-one pull.

The extremely rare card’s value was inflated due to the fact that it was MTG’s major serialized card. Even people outside of the fanbase like streamer xQc were attempting to pull the card and claim the reward.

It was eventually found in Canada by an unassuming fan who held the card for weeks amidst the fervor. Following its recent sale, however, as the story goes, “the Ring found its way into the hands of the most unlikely creature imaginable”, a rapper named Post Malone.

The story of the lucky individual who found the card is an amazing one. Dexerto spoke to them shortly after they revealed themselves.

They found the One Ring card quite early in the subsequent hunt but held onto it to see what it could be worth. They described their finding of the card as “a life-changing moment”.

“Every time I read something or see a video, I get hit with a wave of joy. Like watching Cash Cards Unlimited’s live stream and seeing what he speculates the card to be worth,” they said. “Meanwhile, the whole time I’m smiling from ear to ear with it in my hands! It’s just amazing.”

Now, the original founder just sold the card to Post Malone at a special event held by a local games store in Toronto, Canada. In the video posted by the former owner, Post Malone described the moment as “the dankest sh*t ever”.

Post Malone Magic Cards
Post Malone features in his own limited set of MTG cards.

While the value of the card has been estimated at $2 million, it is currently unknown exactly how much Post Malone paid for it. He is a known superfan of MTG and had expressed interest in owning the card during the initial excitement of its release.

The previous owner said they plan on using the proceeds “to invest and set up my future”.

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