When is Blissey coming to Pokemon Unite? Release date, moves, more

Pokemon Unite Blissey leakedThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Kanto favorite Chansey and its evolution Blissey has been confirmed as the next fighter coming to Pokemon Unite, so here’s everything we know about its release date and moveset.

Before it was officially announced, dataminers sifting through Pokemon Unite’s code uncovered a flurry of data referencing a handful of new characters. The most complete leak out of the group, however, was Normal-type Blissey.

Not only were pictures of its model in action found, but its entire moveset was reportedly discovered as well. Here is when the much-beloved ‘mon will be added to the free-to-play MOBA as a healing Supporter character.

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When will Blissey release in Pokemon Unite?

The official Pokemon Unite Twitter account shared the news that Blissey will be coming to the game on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, so there’s not long to wait at all.

After fans were furious that Eldegoss was nerfed in a recent patch, the community will certainly welcome another heal Supporter as the Normal-type arrives.

Before launch, TiMi Studio revealed that Blastoise and Gardevoir would be the next characters added to the title. While Gardevoir made its debut on July 28, we’re still waiting for Blastoise, so that could be the next Pokemon that gets added.

Pokemon Unite upcoming character teaseThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Pokemon Unite fans are still waiting for Blastoise.

Blissey moves leaked in Pokemon Unite datamine

Blissey was initially unveiled back in July when dataminers discovered code for the Normal-type. Unlike most of the data leaked, the Chansey evolution is more than likely going to be released soon given how much information was found.

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Unite leaks account ‘PokemonuniteL’ reported on the datamine, posting Chansey and Blissey’s moveset – including in-game screenshots of them. “Blissey had its moves in game leaked,” the user posted.

According to a translation of the data, the ‘mon has a passive ability called Natural Cure which “removes status effects and goes on cooldown.”

Over the on r/PokemonUnite forum, user ‘treeblingcalf‘ posted a rough translation of each of Blissey’s moves in Pokemon Unite, including a description of what they do:

Skill 1: Pound. Deals damage and slows.

Skill 2: Heal Pulse. Heal allies over time.

Lv4 upgrade: Egg Bomb. AOE skillshot with knockback. + Slows down enemies.

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Or Helping Hand. Increase movespeed and attack speed of an ally. Boosts attacks when duration ends. + Boosted attacks deals more damage.

Lv6 upgrade: Softboiled. Stack up to three eggs and throw them at your allies to heal them and yourself. + Increase number of eggs by 1.

Or Heal Bell. Removed CC and become CC immune for a short time. Targets on an ally. + Grants a shield.

Unite move: Bliss Assitance. Jumps towards an ally, shield them and boost their atk and sp. atk. Blissey takes some of the damage dealt to the ally pokemon. Used on enemy, the move knock backs.”

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That’s everything you need to know about Blissey’s debut in Pokemon Unite! For all of the latest news, guides, and leaks, follow @TrainerINTEL or visit our Pokemon home page.