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Pokemon Unite players furious after latest patch nerfs Cinderace, Eldegoss, more

Published: 3/Aug/2021 23:25

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Unite players are outraged over the August 4 patch nerfing many characters such as Gengar, Cinderace, and Eldegoss. Trainers are furious that characters are being weakened while Legendary Zapdos remains untouched. 

TiMi Studios has revealed Pokemon Unite’s first major balance update will come in the form of a patch on August 4, 2021. The upcoming revision looks to shake the MOBA up dramatically, with many changes being implemented.

Some players of the free-to-play multiplayer are outraged, however, after learning that several popular Pokemon are being heavily nerfed. Teams will also have to continue to face the wrath of Zapdos as the Kanto Legendary remains the same.


Pokemon Unite Zapdos battle
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Pokemon fans are furious that Zapdos is not nerfed in the August 4th patch.

Pokemon Unite players upset over patch nerfing characters

In July, TiMi Studios asked players what changes to Unite they would like the most. The survey was overwhelmingly met with users begging the studio to nerf the overpowered Zapdos map boss, who could overturn the tides of a battle in the last minutes of a match.

Fans of the MOBA were upset when the developer revealed that many popular characters had been nerfed instead. “Attention, Trainers! #PokemonUNITE will be receiving an update. Changes include balance adjustments to several playable Pokémon,” a tweet from the game’s Twitter account read.

The free-to-play multiplayer quickly went viral after the update was announced and trended on Twitter as Trainers took to the social media platform to air out their grievances over ‘mon such as Eldegoss being underpowered.


“As if it was hard to play Eldegoss now, it gets nerfed. Yet every Attacker gets buffed and now no one will want to play Support,” one user angrily wrote. Another player agreed, tweeting, “Why would you n erf the only actual support in the game before adding another option. I’m gonna cry.” Other Trainers were upset at other characters being nerfed. “WHY NERF CINDERACE,” a comment read in disbelief.

Pokemon Unite fans upset over Patch twitter

Some in the Pokemon Unite community were furious over TiMi Studios not nerfing Zapdos. “I’m beginning to realize that Timi has no idea what they’re doing. Buffed Zeraora. Buffed f**king Absol for some reason. Left Zapdos untouched.”


One fan even threatened to quit over the Legendary. “If you don’t fix Zapdos, I’m quitting. There needs to be a point to the game, not an 8 minute wait for the bird to show up and dictate the game.”

Pokemon Unite fans furious over Zapdos not being nerfed

While some players were thrilled with certain ‘mon receiving buffs, most were furious at the wide-scathing nerfs issued across the board, while Zapdos remained untouched. Another complaint some fans had was the patch notes not being clear enough what changes were actually being implemented.

Only time will tell if TiMi Studios will listen to the feedback, but one thing is for sure – the MOBA’s meta is sure to change with future updates. The August 4 patch is going to have a pretty substantial effect on which characters Trainers will continue to choose to bring into battle.