Student reveals insane Pokemon card they made for school project

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A teacher recently had their students make Pokemon Cards as a school project, and one student shared their incredible work of art with the internet.

It’s not uncommon for fans of the Pokemon TCG to make their own Pokemon cards. Whether it be a crude pencil-drawn mockup on a piece of printer paper or a digital design printed on cardstock, these cards hold a special place in a trainer’s heart.

This is usually a fun hobby for Pokemon enthusiasts, but for one class, their ability to craft a Pokemon would determine their grade.

Student shares insane Pokemon card class project

Reddit user takeovereagle3939 shared their results of the class project with the r/PokemonTCG subreddit. And needless to say, the comments were filled with TCG fans who were blown away by the student’s work.

User PandaPyre commented, “I can’t believe it, a fake card that understands and uses the correct card game terms. I swear I never see people actually put in the effort. Nice job!”

The card was of the British writer and philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft who was a known advocate for women’s rights. His moves even reflected that of her work with attacks called “Rights for Women” and “Power of the Pen”.

Praise for the card continued as users asked for OP to post more homemade cards and another stated, “For a fake card it’s pretty balanced. Cool ideas for effects!”

Sadly, TCG players won’t actually be able to use the power of Mary Wollstonecraft in any real duels. But hopefully, takeovereagle will create and post more Pokemon cards players can never use to satisfy their hunger for more brilliant fake cards.