Steve Aoki announces celebrity Pokemon card opening Twitch stream

steve aoki pokemon card posterInstagram: @realkingpokemon / Dim Mak

Popular musician Steve Aoki is hosting a Pokemon TCG box opening live on Twitch. The star-studded stream will feature Logan Paul, Rob Kardashian, former rapper Logic, and more.

Pokemon trading cards have become all the rage in 2020 after influencer Logan Paul put a major spotlight on the hobby in September. Since then, prices of the Nintendo collectibles have exploded in value, with former rapper Logic even dropping $226k on a 1st Edition Charizard.

To celebrate its rise in popularity, chart-topping DJ Steve Aoki is teaming up with Twitch for a major TCG box opening livestream. The special event will feature celebrities as they break open a 1999 Base Set booster box in front of viewers.

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pokemon booster boxGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Aoki will break open a base set booster box live on Twitch.

Steve Aoki hosts major Twitch Pokemon card opening stream

The Twitch event was first revealed by famous TCG collector Gary ‘King Pokemon’ who previously starred on hit reality TV show Pawn Stars. The enthusiast uploaded a poster featuring Aoki on Instagram, and announced the stream’s details.

“Hey everybody. Here’s the promotional ad for the livestream Sunday. Let’s blast it all over the Internet,” he wrote. According to the post, the broadcast will be a charity event with all proceeds going to the Aoki Foundation.

The epic Pokemon card opening will take place on Sunday, November 15, and will go live on Twitch at 5PM PST / 8PM EST. Viewers can expect appearances from stars such as Logan Paul and Logic – who have both been huge advocates for the Nintendo game.

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TCG fans will be well familiar with Gary King Pokemon, who is known to have the most extensive collection of cards in the entire world. In October, Logan Paul flew to his house in Las Vegas where he purchased one of his PSA 10 Charizards for a record-breaking $150k.

logan paul with gary from pawn starsYouTube: Logan Paul
Paul buys rare Charizard card for $150k off of Pawn Stars Gary.

While it is not entirely clear if the base set booster box being opened is a 1st edition, even the unlimited print run is worth an insane amount of money. As of October, a perfect condition Charizard from that set has sold as high as $30k.

Pokemon card fever has seemed to have taken over sites like YouTube and Twitch. Viewers tuning in live for the special Aoki broadcast will be sure to get floods of nostalgia as they hunt for the rarest holographics.

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