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Logan Paul buys Pokemon card for $150k from Pawn Stars’ Gary

Published: 15/Oct/2020 18:39

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTuber Logan Paul revealed he’d dropped $150k on another rare Pokemon card. The 25-year-old bought the 1st Edition Charizard off of infamous collector Gary the ‘Pokemon King’, who is well known for his appearance on reality TV show Pawn Stars.

Despite being known for his YouTube career, Logan Paul has made a big name for himself in the Pokemon Trading Card Game community in 2020. The star went viral in September when he bought an insanely rare 1st Edition base set booster box for $216k.

Now, he has made waves again in the hobby after purchasing a PSA-graded 10 Charizard card for $150k. Only around 100 of them are known to exist in the world. The influencer flew all the way to Las Vegas to make the purchase.

logan paul offering gary from pawn stars a briefcase of cash
YouTube: Logan Paul
The YouTuber brought a briefcase full of cash to buy the rare Pokemon card.

Logan Paul buys perfect Charizard card from Pawn Stars’ Gary

The YouTuber initially flew out to Las Vegas to try to buy a Beckett BGS-graded 10 Charizard card. The item is so rare that there are only two in existence – and both are in the hands of Gary the “Pokemon King”. Many may remember the collector as he appeared on History Channel’s Pawn Stars in 2017 to sell his TCG collection.

However, Paul immediately realized that it would be impossible to make the purchase after seeing how passionate the Pokemon fan was. “The more he spoke, the more I realized there was literally no way he was gonna sell me his prized possession. My stupid money meant nothing to him,” the 25-year-old said in his October 14 upload.

However, the influencer was able to convince Gary to sell him one of his PSA 10 1st Edition Charizards after offering him a briefcase stuffed with $150k in bills. “In this moment, I care more about your feelings than my own. I just want you to know it’s not because of the money,” the collector said, agreeing to sell the coveted Pokemon card.

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Logan Paul was overwhelmed with joy as the perfectly graded shadowless Charizard card was actually the last missing piece he needed to complete his collection. “Pawn Stars Gary made my nostalgic dreams come true!” he exclaimed.

Gary, by most accounts, has the most complete and valued Pokemon TCG collection in the world. The collector became famous after appearing on Pawn Stars during Season 14. Hilariously, he revealed to the YouTuber that he never actually intended to sell his cards to Gold & Silver’s Rick Harrison, and only went on the reality TV show for “clout.”

Over on Instagram, Gary described selling the card to Logan Paul as both “one of the happiest and saddest, days in my life.” While it must have been hard to let go of the item, he still has six more of them in his collection.

While record breaking at the time, former rapper Logic actually passed that number on October 10 when he paid $226k for the same exact card at auction. If nothing else, this is just another example of how the Pokemon TCG is continuing to explode in value.


Bradley Martyn claims he’s being charged by California for opening gym

Published: 23/Oct/2020 12:13

by Daniel Cleary


Fitness YouTuber Bradley Martyn has revealed that he is seemingly being charged with a misdemeanor by the State of California for keeping his popular Zoo Culture gym open after new restrictions were put in place.

Bradley Martyn is well known for his popular fitness-based uploads and challenge videos, amassing a following of over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube, and is regularly featured in the NELK Boys’ vlogs as well.

The YouTuber often films his vlogs and collaborates with other stars at his gym ‘Zoo Culture’ in Los Angeles County but he is now seemingly facing charges for keeping it open amid their latest lockdown.

Bradley Martyn training in zoo culture gym
Bradley Martyn, YouTube
Bradley Martyn revealed that he was facing a misdemeanor for opening the Zoo Culture gym.

Despite previously staging protests against the major restrictions with NELK star SteveWillDoIt, Bradley Martyn revealed, on October 22, that his gym had now been targeted and shared a brief clip of a court summons on his social media.

The fitness star claimed that it was issued by the State of California and shared that he would have to appear at his local courthouse to answer for misdemeanor charges made against Zoo Culture.

“People of the state of California VS Zoo Culture welcome to 2020, where gyms being open is criminal in California,” he added, reacting to the Zoo Culture court summons, “[and] where mental and physical health is deemed non-essential,” he followed up, suggesting that facilities such as gyms should be considered an essential service, for improving the health of those who use them.


After asking his fans what they thought of the matter, Martyn received mixed feedback from his followers, as there were some critics claiming that he should’ve simply abided by the restrictions that were imposed.

While other fans were in agreeance with the YouTuber, he will still have to answer for the charges and argue his case in court, following his latest actions.

The document also revealed that his court date was scheduled for November 23, so it is likely that we will have to wait until after the legal proceedings have concluded before more information is released.