5 valuable Pokemon cards you probably have in your childhood collection

pokemon trading card gameThe Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has exploded in 2020. Though it’s not only rare collectibles that have value, even items from your collection gathering dust in the garage can be worth a lot.

First introduced in 1999, the Pokemon TCG was an instant hit with children. Kids around the world became obsessed with collecting their favorite monsters to show off to their friends at school or on playgrounds.

Decades later, the hobby has absolutely exploded in value, with some cards now selling as much as a house. Here is a list of five cards that you may have tucked away in the garage or attic that are now worth a ton.

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pokemon booster boxGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Certain cards from the 1999 Pokemon Base Set Unlimited run are now worth money.

Childhood Pokemon cards that are now worth money

The big money makers in the TCG right now are from the original 1999 Base Set. Most kids in the 90s probably didn’t get their hands on the early “shadowless” run or even the 1st Edition variants that came after.

With celebrities and YouTubers like Logan Paul dropping $216k on these insanely rare items, early sets are now becoming more and more impossible to find – let alone afford.

Because of this, the Unlimited third print run of cards that most children did have growing up are also now skyrocketing in value. Here are five cards in your garage that could be worth something.

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Charizard – $4k-$30k

psa 9 charizardThe Pokemon Company / PSA
Charizard is a big money maker if you get a good grade.

It goes without saying, but Charizard has always been the crown jewel of the TCG. So much so that a 1st Edition shadowless version of the card sold at auction in October for $220k to former rapper Logic.

However, even regular versions of this card are now bringing good money. As of November 2020, PSA 10 graded cards can sell as high as $30k – yes, you read that right, literally the value of a car. Heck, even a low graded card can sell for $300-400.

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Blastoise – $1.5k-$10k

graded blastoise pokemon cardThe Pokemon Company / PSA
Blastoise can fetch a pretty penny.

Another big hitter is Blastoise. The giant turtle was in many kids’ collections back in the 90s, and is now worth quite a bit. Recent sales of the card online have gone as high as $10k.

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While the value of an item is ultimately determined by the condition it is in, even a graded PSA 9 has fetched for over $1,000. Because the character is a fan favorite, its value will only continue to rise.

Venusaur – $1.2k-5k

venusaur psa graded pokemon cardThe Pokemon Company / PSA
Venusaur is another stater ‘mon that is worth some cash.

The last of the starter Pokemon, Venusaur has traditionally sold lower than its Fire and Water-type counterparts. However in the last year, the frog-like character has seen an incredible boost in value.

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In Japan, the monster was the mascot for the “Green Version” of the RPG. So as interest in the TCG continues to explode, consumers feeling nostalgic for the game are willing to pay more money for the Grass-type.

Chansey Pokemon card – $280-$2.4k

chansey psa cardThe Pokemon Company / PSA
Chansey might not be the most popular Pokemon, but its card can sell for a good amount.

Despite not being a major mascot in the franchise, Chansey has become a surprise hit out of the Trading Card Game. Sellers have been able auction off the card for over $2,000 in 2020.

More importantly, the 1st Edition version of Chansey is now one of the most sought-after cards from the Base Set, selling for as much as $30k. Collectors who can’t afford the item will likely turn towards the unlimited version, making this card’s future bright.

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Mewtwo – $400–$2k

graded mewtwo pokemon cardThe Pokemon Company / PSA
Mewtwo starred in the first Pokemon movie, meaning a lot of fans are nostalgic for the manmade monster.

The Psychic Pokemon has always been a fan-favorite in the series, and even starred in several movies for the franchise. While the card isn’t as valuable as some of the other early ones, its value has been climbing.

Fans now feeling nostalgic for their childhood are looking to re-capture their favorite ‘mons, and Mewtwo is definitely high on that list. Incredibly, even on the lower end it can sell for hundreds of dollars.

pokemon base set booster packsGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
These 1999 Pokemon booster packs can now be worth thousands.

It should be pointed out that anyone wanting to make serious money on their cards should send them in to get graded first. Companies like Beckett BGS and PSA will give your items a score that dramatically increases its value – depending on what it is, of course.

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The price of an item can also go up and down. But as of 2019, TCG values have continued to climb  month after month and have not slowed down. Now is a good time to dust off your old binders and see if anything you’ve saved is now worth something.

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