Pokemon TCG collector reveals insane Charizard pull in $50 garage sale binder

pokemon tcg holo charizard binder headerYouTube: Kreesky

A video game and Pokemon card collector found an incredibly rare and valuable Charizard card in a binder at a local garage sale.

In a lot of cases, Pokemon TCG collecting is similar to gambling — where customers purchase goods in the hopes that they pull valuable cards amidst the filler.

While oftentimes collectors will come out of transactions losing money in the hopes of finding rare cards, sometimes they’re met with some unbelievable surprises.

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Such was the case for YouTuber and Pokemon TCG collector Kreesky, who paid $50 for a binder full of Pokemon cards and walked away with an incredibly rare Charizard card.

Pokemon TCG Collector finds rare Charizards at garage sale

Kreesky posted the video to his YouTube channel on October 13, 2022, and explained how the situation of finding and purchasing the two binders came about.

“I messaged someone on [Facebook] marketplace who advised she had two binders of Pokémon cards that she would be willing to sell. She told me they were her little sister’s collection and she did not want them anymore.”

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While the first binder only contained a few somewhat rare cards, totaling around $15 in value, the second binder had quite a few valuable pulls.

About halfway through the second binder, Kreesky found four Charizard cards. Two of the Charizards were Non-Holo Rare Charizard XY Evolutions cards, which value at around $45 each.

However, the binder also contained an Unlimited Holo Base Set Charizard which is valued at $150, as well as a Holo Rocket Dark Charizard which is valued at $160.

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Kreesky noted he made a gamble purchasing these binders, as the seller only mentioned the binders contained “cards from the ’90s” and that her sister “had been collecting cards for a while.”

On top of that, the seller didn’t have enough time to photograph each page of the binder. Which meant the content creator had to purchase both binders, which each cost $50, without knowing their full contents.

Thankfully, Kreesky’s luck paid off in a pretty big way, as he also discovered several other valuable cards alongside the rare Charizards, such as a 1st Edition Holo Vileplume and a Base Set Holo Zapdos.

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The card collector ended his video noting that while the cards weren’t in mint condition, he’d still made a sizable profit despite his risky gamble purchasing both binders.