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Best team for the Catch Cup in Pokemon Go (2022)

Published: 29/Mar/2022 11:50

by Daniel Megarry


The Catch Cup has returned to the Pokemon Go Battle League, so we’ve got the best team recommendations that will take you straight to victory in 2022.

While the regular Great LeagueUltra League, and Master League competitions are the main event in the Pokemon Go Battle League, Niantic regularly introduces limited-time cups to switch things up and offer a new challenge.

As part of the current Interlude Season, the Catch Cup is returning to play once again. Only Pokemon that have been caught during the duration of this cup are eligible to enter, so deciding on the best team can be very tricky.


If you’re struggling to figure out which Pokemon to take into battle for the Catch Cup, we’ve put together our best team recommendations below to help you out, as well as details about the rules and restrictions.


Two trainers battling in the Pokemon Go Battle League Season 10

Best team for the Catch Cup in Pokemon Go

One of the best teams you can use for the Catch Cup is Lurantis, Azumarill, and Galarian Stunfisk. These are some of the most powerful Pokemon that can be obtained right now, meaning they’re eligible for the Catch Cup.

Our recommendations are based on the Pokemon appearing during the Lush Jungle event, but the top performers could change when the event ends and a new range of Pokemon are available to encounter and catch, so keep an eye out.


It’s a lot more difficult to predict what the top Pokemon will be for the Catch Cup when compared to other leagues and cups, but you can see some of our best recommendations below.

Best Pokemon for the Catch Cup


Lurantis in the Pokemon Go Catch Cup

  • Fast Move: Fury Cutter
  • Charged Moves: Leaf Blade and Super Power
  • Resistances: Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison

Fomantis made its debut during the Lush Jungle event, meaning it can be found in the wild until the event ends. Evolve it into Lurantis, and you’ll have yourself one of the best competitors for the Catch Cup.

Fury Cutter as a Fast Move will give you the quickest access to Lurantis’ powerful Charged Moves: Leaf Blade, which has STAB and can easily be spammed, and the Fighting-type Super Power for extra coverage.



Azumarill in the Catch Cup

  • Fast Move: Bubble
  • Charged Moves: Hydro Pump and Ice Beam
  • Resistances: Bug, Fighting, Water, Ice, Fire, Dark, and Dragon
  • Weaknesses: Electric, Grass, and Poison

Azumarill has long been considered one of the top Great League performers, and that success translates to the Catch Cup, where it can be eligible if you manage to hatch an Azurill from a 5km Egg and evolve it.

The optimal Fast Move is Bubble. As for Charged Moves, Hydro Pump hits hardest while Ice Beam will help negate its weakness against Grass. Azumarill can be quite costly to power up, but it’s worth it.

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales appearing in Pokemon Go

  • Fast Move: Powder Snow
  • Charged Moves: Weather Ball (Ice) and Dazzling Gleam
  • Resistances: Bug, Dark, Dragon, and Ice
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel

Alolan Ninetales is one of the best choices for the Catch Cup, although the chances of getting one are very slim, as you’ll need to claim an Alolan Vulpix as a Research Breakthrough before the end of March and evolve it.


If you do manage to get one, though, go with Powder Snow as a Fast Move for quick energy generation, then follow it up with the Charged Moves Weather Ball (Ice) and Dazzling Gleam, both of which have STAB damage.

Galarian Stunfisk

Galarian Stunfisk

  • Fast Move: Mud Shot
  • Charged Moves: Rock Slide and Earthquake
  • Resistances: Dragon, Psychic, Normal, Steel, Bug, Flying, Fairy, Electric, Rock, and Poison
  • Weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Water

Another very difficult Pokemon to get during the Catch Cup – but arguably the best on our list – is Galarian Stunfisk. You’ll need to hatch this regional variant from a 7km Egg that you’ve obtained while the Catch Cup is in play.

Ground/Steel-typing means it’s resistant to plenty of opponents and is particularly good at taking down Fairy-types. With Mud Shot as a Fast Move alongside Rock Slide and Earthquake as Charged Moves, you’ll have a winner.



Wigglytuff in Pokemon Go

  • Fast Move: Charm
  • Charged Move: Play Rough and Ice Beam
  • Resistances: Bug, Dark, Dragon, and Ghost
  • Weaknesses: Poison and Steel

If you’re lucky enough to find a rare Wigglytuff as a wild spawn during the Catch Cup’s duration, it’s a solid addition to your team and is also one of the cheapest to reach its full potential.

As always, you’ll want the deadly Charm as Wigglytuff’s Fast Move. Then, go with the STAB-boosted Play Rough as your primary Charged Move, with Ice Beam as a solid secondary option for extra coverage.

Pokemon Go Catch Cup rules & restrictions explained

The Catch Cup is one of the most unique cups in the Go Battle League, as you can only use Pokemon that were caught during the duration of the cup, which severely limits your team options.

Pokemon who enter must also be below the 1,500 CP limit and they can’t be Mythical.

The easiest way to expand your horizons in this cup is to focus on Raid Battles, Egg hatches, and Field Research tasks, as these can reward powerful Pokemon that don’t currently spawn in the wild.

Pokemon Go Catch Cup start and end date

The Catch Cup begins on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, at 1pm PST and runs until Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at 1pm PST, which means only Pokemon caught during this time can compete.

It will appear alongside the traditional Ultra League, and we’ve got a best team guide for that league right here.

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