Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC expansion pass revealed

Published: 9/Jan/2020 14:59 Updated: 10/Jan/2020 10:18

by Paul Cot


The January 9 Pokemon Direct didn’t disappoint, revealing new exciting Pokemon details. Among those was the announcement of the first Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC.

After two months of exploring the Galar region, we now have more to look forward to. Game Freak had received a lot of criticism for their highly controversial removal of the National Pokedex but it looks like they are intent on making up for it.

Not one, but two new expansion passes have been announced for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon CompanyGame Freak surprised Pokemon Sword and Shield players with not one, but two expansion passes!

Isle of Armor

The first of those is titled The Isle of Armor and will release in June of 2020. It focuses on the theme of growth.

The island is full of beautiful nature but more importantly Pokemon that couldn’t be found in the Galar region.

The Crown Tundra

The second expansion pass is called The Crown Tundra. The release date for this one was a little more broad and will release sometime in the fall of 2020.

As the name suggests, it is set in the snow swept realm of The Crown Tundra and has a theme of exploration.

It will have a new form of co-op play where you can explore Pokemon dens. Within them you come across various legendary Pokemon from past games. The images from the Pokemon Direct show the likes of Groudon, Palkia, Giratina and Heatran – just to name a few.

Pokemon CompanyThe Isle of Armor DLC releases in June 2020, while The Crown Tundra will come a little later in the fall…

How much is Sword and Shield DLC?

Yes, the expansion passes will cost and can be bought from the Nintendo eshop. It is the expansion pass which you buy and that you will grant you access to both DLCs.

It will cost approximately $35 (£26.99). That means if you purchase the expansion pass you will get access to both The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra when they are released. To confirm this is a separate to the Pokemon Sword and Shield game itself.

However, for those who don’t wish to purchase these new expansion passes, you will still be able to obtain the newly released Pokemon in the Galar region via an update.

You can watch the entirety of the January Pokemon Direct below.

True open world?

Both The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra are seamless areas much like the wild area in the Galar region. This means you won’t be restricted in terms of where you can go and adjust the camera freely.

The new expansions sound like Game Freak’s first steps into a solely open world area.


Twitch stream sniper surprises Rich Campbell with Pokemon Cards on IRL stream

Published: 6/Jan/2021 18:03

by Michael Gwilliam


Former esports host turned Twitch streamer Rich Campbell was shocked after a fan ‘stream sniped’ him while running around New York to give away some Pokemon cards.

Stream sniping has become quite a phenomenon, stemming back to the good old days of split-screen multiplayer games where players would peek over at their opponent’s screen to say where they were on the map.

With the advent of Twitch and online games, the process became a bit easier with some players watching a streamer’s game to either get matched with them, know their position or just score an unfair advantage.

Now, with IRL streaming, the concept has taken a new twist with some streamers having their real-life experiences interrupted by fans. In the case of Rich Campbell’s last broadcast, it actually ended up with him scoring some free Pokemon cards.

On January 5, Campbell decided he would IRL stream himself wandering around New York City to scavenge for Pokemon cards – nothing that there was a shop in the Big Apple selling Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Boxes for $180.

As he commenced on his journey, a fan who had been watching was able to determine the streamer was inside a Best Buy and decided to make a move.

“Rich Campbell?” a man off-screen asked in the distance. “I’m a big fan, but I have to say I did bring you some goodies.”

“Wait, what?!” the shocked Rich gasped, clearly bewildered by the situation.

A moment later, the streamer has handed a box of Pokemon cards and a Charizard V card which absolutely thrilled him.

“Holy sh- are you sure, dude?” he asked. “This is like a sick card! Are you sure?”

Rich Campbell gets Pokemon cards from a fan
Rich was amazed a fan would just hand him Pokemon cards.

For his part, however, the sniper had no qualms with rewarding Campbell for making him laugh “every night” with the rare card.

It’s not every day that streamers are just randomly approached by fans and given free things, especially items potentially worth quite a bit of coin, but it’s always fun to see when it happens.