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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake rumored to be announced soon

Published: 17/Jun/2020 22:06 Updated: 17/Jun/2020 22:11

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Company are teasing the reveal of a “big project” in another presentation next week. There are rumors that it could be a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Fans have been wanting a remake of the ever-popular Gen 4 game for several years now. The last remake of a mainline game came in 2014 with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – which is of course remakes of the 2003 classic Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It’s fair to say it’s certainly overdue!

The “big project” in question could be anything and that means we may not get a new mainline game in 2020 at all. Nevertheless, fans of the franchise remain hopeful and if there is to be a new game, it’s hard to imagine one that will go down better than a revisit of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon CompanyPokemon Diamond and Pearl came out all the way back in 2006…

Having said that though, the news of a Pokemon Snap sequel was met with resounding joy. Pokemon fans love a return to the old classics!

Sinnoh remake next?

There seems to be three options for what the “big project” will be, if it is indeed a new game. These are a Gen 4 remake, a second Let’s Go game and another DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Given Gen 8 was introduced to the series with Pokemon Sword and Shield, we can confidently rule out Gen 9 is coming any time soon. Typically there is three years between each generation.

The more powerful Nintendo Switch will be able to do wonders in comparison to the Nintendo DS that it was originally released on. If it can surpass the graphics of Sword and Shield then trainers are in for a real treat.

For the meantime though, we must be temper our excitement just in case the announcement doesn’t live up to expectations. We will find out whether we can look forward to a return to Sinnoh on June 24. A specific time for the Pokemon Presents livestream has yet to be confirmed.


Uxie Mesprit and Azelf return to Pokemon Go – Region locations, Shiny?

Published: 23/Nov/2020 13:50 Updated: 23/Nov/2020 13:51

by Paul Cot


Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf are once again returning to Pokemon Go Raid Battles. Each of them can only be found in specific regions, though.

All three of the Lake Trio will feature in Raid Battles from Tuesday, November 24, 1pm PST to Monday, November 30, 1pm PST. However, only one of each will be appearing for you.

The three Gen 4 legends are region locked meaning in the absence of an invite from a friend you won’t be able to find more than one of them. Their regions are as follows:

  • Asia-Pacific region: Uxie
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: Mesprit
  • The Americas and Greenland: Azelf
Azelf Mesprit Uxie Pokemon Go
The Lake Trio are returning to Pokemon Go for the third time…

Save those Remote Raid Passes

So, if you live in America and want to get hold of Uxie and/or Mesprit you’ll need to rely on an invite from a Pokemon Go friend who lives in those respective regions.

Previously this wasn’t possible but with the introduction of Remote Raid Passes, trainers can now compete in Raid Battles all over the world. Fortunately, there is no limit on the distance you can join raids via invitation.

The only problem you may encounter is finding friends who actually live in those regions. A simple Reddit or Twitter search and you should be able to find other trainers in the same boat who are more than willing to help.

Remote Raid Friend Invitation
The only to encounter a member of the Lake Trio outside of your region is through a friend inviting you to a raid and using a Remote Raid Pass…

Are the Lake Trio worthwhile catching?

In truth, many trainers consider the Lake Trio little more than Dex entries. This is because none of them really have a place in the Pokemon Go meta for either PvP or PvE.

Azelf has a fantastic attack stat but there are superior options for psychic-type attackers. These include Espeon, Latios and Metagross – and of course Mewtwo.

Then there is Mesprit whose usability is actually punished due to its rounded stats. It fits neither in PvP or PvE.

Finally, Uxie is probably best placed to use in Pokemon Go. It has incredible defense, especially at the Ultra League limit. Its max CP of 2,524 makes it a little weak for Master League but does make it viable in Great League.

Where’s their Shiny form?

When the surprise raid boss for November was initially announced many thought it would be the release of the Lake Trio’s Shiny forms. That never materialized though, unless Niantic missed out that vital piece of information.

There has been no mention of their Shiny forms so we can only assume Niantic are saving it for a later date. This is the third time Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf have featured so fans are understandably a little frustrated about the omission of their shinies.