Pokemon Twitch streamer admits faking 1/16 million chance shiny encounter

Zackerie Fairfax
faked double shiny encounter

Some Shiny Pokemon encounters are so rare they garner loads of attention for those lucky enough to find them. This instant clout is a good enough reason for some streamers to fake these encounters and attempt to pass them off as real.

Finding a standard Shiny Pokemon is pretty rare by itself. Without any boosts, the odds of you finding a Shiny in the wild are 1/8192 in Gens 2-5, and 1/4096 in Gens 6-8. These odds cause some hunters to search for the same Shiny Pokemon for days, weeks, or even months.

But every once in a while, the “Shiny gods” will smile favorably upon a streamer and bless them with an unbelievable encounter. Recently, Twitch streamer MitchOG found both a Shiny starter and a Shiny uncatchable Starly in the same encounter.

Chancing upon both of these shinies at the same time is a 1/16.7 million chance, so as you can imagine, MitchOG saw a spike in popularity. This insane encounter, followed by instant clout, led to another streamer faking their own double shiny encounter just three days later.

KyleAye fakes double shiny encounter

kyleaye fake double shiny encounter
KyleAye (YouTube)
A now-deleted video of KyleAye’s fake double Shiny Pokemon encounter.

On December 25th, Twitch streamer and YouTuber KyleAye posted a now-removed video where he also ran into both a Shiny starter and a Shiny uncatchable Starly. However, people were immediately skeptical of the legitimacy of his encounter.

Many Twitter users pointed out various reasons why it was likely a fake. KyleAye’s Switch was in airplane mode and had other indicators that he was playing on modded hardware. Various users claimed his reaction to finding the Shinies was “bad acting,” as if he knew the encounter was coming. Others dismissed the encounter solely because of how soon it happened after MitchOG’s.

Two days after the video was posted, KyleAye came forward on his Discord and admitted to faking the encounter. KyleAye’s apology is locked behind a paywall, but various content creators are sharing a screenshot of the message on Twitter.

As well, KyleAye has deleted the tweets, YouTube video, and Twitch VODs that contain the encounter. As for a public apology, KyleAye has yet to make a statement to anyone who isn’t a paid subscriber on Twitch or YouTube.

kyleaye shiny pokemon apology
A screenshot of KyleAye’s Discord where he admits to faking his double Shiny encounter.

Despite the misleading intent of KyleAye’s actions, his statement did raise another point: “There is no way to 100% prove if it is fake,” wrote Kyle, “meaning that everybody just wanted it to be fake.” Many Shiny Pokemon hunters have made statements in the past that regardless of how much proof they show, there will also be people who doubt the legitimacy of their hunts.

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