Pokemon streamers go insane after finding rare Shiny in Sword & Shield

. 2 years ago
A rare Shiny Garados
Game Freak / Nintendo

Twitch streamer MajinPhil and his wife couldn’t believe their eyes when they stumbled across a rare Shiny Gyarados in Pokemon Sword and Shield, with their reaction warranting more than a volume warning.

Streamers unexpectedly stumbling upon super rare Pokemon proves to be an endless source of entertainment on Twitch and other sites, where people are able to capture some dramatic moments from their gameplay and share it for the world to see.

Just recently, one unlucky player was left shattered when they were trying to catch a Shiny Regieleki, and because they weren’t paying attention they accidentally clicked the ‘Run’ button by mistake, instead of getting their chance at catching it.

This time around, a Twitch streamer couple were in absolute disbelief after stumbling across realizing their Gyarados find was much more exciting than it seemed at first glance.

Pokemon Sword and Shield promotional image
Pokemon / Nintendo
Pokemon Sword and Shield were released in 2019, and has become hugely popular since then.

When his wife caught a glimpse of the Pokemon swimming in the river, MajinPhil asked “do you wanna go and try it? It could be a red Gyarados,” not even realising what was about to happen.

“What do I get if it’s a Shiny?” she asked, with her husband promising “I’ll give you a grand if it’s red.” She didn’t hesitate a moment longer, and when she interacted with the Gyarados to find that against all odds it was red, the couple absolutely lost it.

Their screams were thoroughly deafening as they realized that the odds were well and truly beaten. “What the f**k? Oh my God, what the f**k is happening?” she screamed.

Warning: Loud video

The chat went insane along with the players, in shock that they were there so experienced the rather extraordinary reaction to the lucky find.

MajinPhil seemed shellshocked for a while after, totally not expecting his ridiculous bet to work out in his wife’s favor with the appearance of the super rare Shiny Gyarados.

Whether or not he really coughs up the $1000 remains to be seen, but the clips certainly provided some entertainment for the 50,000 people who have viewed the clip since.

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