Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are stunned by back-to-back Shiny encounters

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player shares their experiences getting incredibly rare Pokemon back-to-back, stunning the community.

As most Pokemon veterans know, one of the favorite pastimes of the community, once the mainline games have been released for a few months, is Shiny hunting.

Thanks to the addition of unique Pokemon behaviors in Scarlet & Violet as well as overworld encounters, Shiny hunting has gotten more popular among the community than ever before.

As such, players are finding Shiny Pokemon with alarming frequency, as evidenced by one trainer sharing a clip of them literally finding back-to-back Shinies using two different methods.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer shows off insane Shiny luck

Twitter user and Pokemon fan pjlukachaeri posted a video of their crazy Shiny luck with the caption “How in the actual hell did this just happen?”

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The clip shows the trainer initially riding Miraidon to hatch eggs. After hatching a normal Scorbunny egg, they encounter a Shiny Crabrawler hiding behind a Tera Raid den crystal.

After battling and catching the Crabrawler, they resume hatching their eggs only to immediately hatch a Shiny Charmander from the very next egg.

The OP explained that they owned the Shiny Charm, but was also using the Masuda Method to hatch Shiny Pokemon. For those who may not know, the Masuda Method is a Shiny hunting method that revolves around hatching an egg from two Pokemon from different regions. These eggs have a higher-than-normal chance of yielding a Shiny Pokemon.

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Fans were stunned at their incredible luck, with another Twitter user saying, “If this wasn’t recorded no one would have believed you LOL.”

What’s even more impressive is that a few weeks prior, the trainer found two consecutive shinies again by simply roaming around the open world.

While Shiny hunting may not be every trainer’s favorite way to pass time in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it seems the community has no shortage of fun stories surrounding the escapades in locating these sparky monsters.