Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan to boycott the game over Octillery mystery

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While players often boycott new AAA games due to horrible performance/graphics, bad reviews, or news of unacceptable workplace culture; one fan plans to avoid Pokemon Scarlet & Violet if Octillery doesn’t make the cut.

Everyone has a favorite Pokemon, and it’s often said that every Pokemon is someone’s favorite. However, with over 1000 Pokemon in existence following the release of Scarlet & Violet, it’s expected that they won’t all make it into the newest game.

With this in mind, players are usually prepared if a few of their favorites don’t make the cut. And players also check to see if their favorites are version exclusive which could inform whether they buy Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.

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But one fan has left the community stunned after revealing that their decision to buy a Gen 9 game is based on whether or not a single Pokemon makes it in.

Player to boycott Pokemon Scarlet & Violet over Octillery

Reddit user ERROR1010101010 took to the PokemonScarletViolet subreddit with a question that would leave the community stunned. They asked, “So is Octillery going to be in the game since that determines whether I get it or not.”

Pokemon fans found it hard to believe that someone would boycott a game over a single Pokemon, let alone Octillery. A wave of users flooded the comments with their disbelief.

“I cannot for the life of me imagine that buying the new game depends on the inclusion of Octillery for someone,” one user commented. Another stated, “Lmao what a line in the sand.”

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However, OP elaborated on the reason why Octillery meant so much to them. “When I was a child the first shiny I ever got was Octillery and since my brain was a smushed snail I thought it would be funny to name it ‘octopoo’ and then it became a tradition whenever I would find out where the Octillery was in each game I would get it and name it octopoo and I loved him it was me and octopoo against the world I’ve tried to get shiny Octillery in every game I’ve ever got of Pokémon.”

That being said, we have some bad news for ERROR1010101010… According to credible leaks, Octillery hasn’t made the cut and won’t be in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. At least, not at launch.

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