Underappreciated Pokemon get major upgrades with new design ideas

Jessica Filby
Pokemon art style

Everyone has one Pokemon they adore and one they can’t bear the look of – it’s the magic of the series. But now, many minds may be changing after seeing these expert artists change those underappreciated Pocket Monsters into something truly amazing.

With over 1020 different Pokemon scattered throughout the games and anime, it’s almost impossible to not love, or hate at least one of them. Many adore the cutesy look of Teddiursa while others love the heartbroken Cubone – but it’s clear most have at least one favorite design and character.

However, with all your favorites, there’s likely a few you just don’t get. Maybe their designs are unreasonably weird or overly simplistic (we’re looking at you, Natu). Either way, there are tons of underappreciated ‘mons out there with their questionable designs to blame.

To help put a spotlight on these underappreciated Pokemon, multiple talented artists took to YouTube to “fix” their least favorite Pokemon, bringing these designs to a brand new, more unique light.

Thanks to the Aussie Artist, Scarlet & Violet‘s Bramblin evolution, Brambleghast received some changes, after highlighting that it’s essentially just a bigger version of its pre-evolution. They then turned it into a brand new Pokemon, with a spiked tree design and it’s undeniably more terrifying than Brambleghasts original look.

Rolycoly’s evolution line also got redesigned, with the artists taking inspiration from the legendary Godzilla for its final evolution, Coalossal.

Along with Brambleghast and Coalossal, Mamoswine, the freaky Mr. Mime, Beartic, Manectric, Sneasler, and Palafin all got complete redesigns, with some fantastic new colors and ideas being implemented.

Brambleghast Pokemon redesign

Pokemon players quickly became obsessed with these ideas, but it’s clear Brambleghast was the overall favorite, with some picturing “Brambleghast plunging its fingers into the ground and using then growing them as an onslaught of spreading roots that emerge and plunge again in waves.”

Others preferred the Mr. Mime idea, commenting: “That Mr. Mime redesign is insaaaaaane!!! Suuuuch a cool design! Nails the full potential of the original.”

While Pokemon isn’t in the habit of redesigning their ‘mons, the arrival of Pokemon Z-A will see improved graphics and could give Game Freak the wiggle room to add some flair to their lesser-loved Pokemon.