Stephen A Smith believes this legendary Pokemon could beat LeBron James in a 1v1

Nathan Ellingsworth
Basketball player LeBron James holds the Pokemon Spheal instead of a basketball

While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet might not have introduced basketball, the series still has a lot of history with sports in their games, which is perhaps what prompted a person to ask Stephen A Smith if a Mewtwo could potentially best LeBron James in a 1v1 game.

The viral clip was shared by Stephen A Smith in a post to X, where the professional commentator and sports reporter answered some questions from fans, no matter the topic. The comment asked, “at 6’07 and 269 lbs, do you think Mewtwo could beat LeBron in a game to 21?”

Despite the absurd nature of the question, Smith gives a well-thought-out answer, that takes lots of Mewtwo’s attributes into account. “He’s shorter than LeBron, but he weighs more…” said Smith, before adding, “abilities, Pressure, Unnerve hidden ability, alright so he’s got composure.”

Next, Smith continued to compare the two, saying, “Psychic, yeah, so he can anticipate moves and stuff like that… yeah maybe he could pull it off? I mean from the looks of him he might scare LeBron.”

Both basketball and Pokemon fans had a heated discussion in the comments, with many adding some extra insight to the potential matchup. One comment in favor of Mewtwo says, “They forgot to tell your boy that Mewtwo can fly and move the ball with his mind.”

A separate comment defends LeBron, adding that there’s “No chance, Mewtwo ain’t got no lateral quickness” before another person, rightfully, replied by saying, “He can literally teleport” referring to Mewtwo, not LeBron.

Another Mewtwo fan defended the creature, adding, “no quickness? Mewtwo’s tied for 7th highest speed stat of all 1025 Pokemon, dudes FAST.”

While there might not ever be a real match to see if Mewtwo would be fire on the court, you can check out which Pokemon would bring the heat in a Psychic battle thanks to our guide on the best Psychic-type Pokemon.

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