Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player finds fix for corrupted save data error

scarlet violet corrupted save fixThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet user claims to have found an “easy fix” for the corrupted save data error that some players have encountered.

Since hitting store shelves for the Nintendo Switch late last year, Scarlet and Violet have experienced their fair share of technical woes.

Performance issues constitute one such problem, for example, with frame rate proving especially troublesome. That’s not the only issue stopping the game from reaching its true potential, though.

Unfortunately, players have also encountered save data errors that greatly hinder progress. It seems someone may have figured out a workaround for at least one of the Pokemon title’s save-related hiccups.

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How to fix the corrupted save data bug in Scarlet & Violet

Reddit user Trag Gaming has shared a Scarlet and Violet workaround for the error that results in corrupted saves.

It’s worth mentioning that this fix only addresses the “Save data is corrupted” error, NOT the “Save data not recognized please turn off Nintendo Switch” error. (The latter is a lost save glitch that’s yet to receive a patch.)

According to the Redditor, players can solve the corrupted save problem by following the steps below:

  • Ensure their problem relates to corrupted saves and not game crashes.
  • Open an alternate account or use a different Switch account.
  • Use the alt account to play a new save file “to the point where you can save, [then] do so.”
  • As soon as it saves, close the game, switch to the main account, then load the game. From there, players should have no trouble logging in.
The Pokemon Company

The user added that those who own the digital edition should make sure the Switch in use is their primary console. This shouldn’t matter with respect to physical copies.

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TragGaming tested this “quick and easy fix” with three separate saves across two different Switch consoles. Hopefully, other players battling corrupted save data in Scarlet and Violet find this solution similarly successful.