Terraria meets Pokemon in “absolutely ridiculous” custom map

Nathan Ellingsworth
A pixelated sprite of Pikachu appears in front of a blurred screenshot of the game Terraria

A dedicated Terraria player has spent thousands of hours in the game and created an impressively detailed version of Pokemon Fire Red without using any mods.

In a popular Reddit post, Terraria player EaldorPrime shared their wildly impressive Terraria build that emulates the world of Pokemon Fire Red with the title “Pokemon made in Terraria no mods and a lot of paint.” With thousands of upvotes, Pokemon fans are throwing praise at the detail and dedication of this build.

The amount of work needed to create the map is immense, as even just using the simple paint tool to make a map this size would take a huge amount of time. One player shows how impressed they are, saying, “400 hours on terraria and ive never seen anything like this”.

To put the amount of effort into context, the person behind the map replied to this, explaining, “I’m at about 3000 hours in total lol Almost 13 years of experience”.

In fact, while clearly without mods it would be very difficult to add a Pikachu to this map, creator EaldorPrime has a clever workaround, using a volt bunny in Pikachu’s place which other comments are calling “genuis”.

Making anything in Terraria takes a lot of time, so plenty of other players are seriously impressed with this build, as a comment sums up well by saying, “This is absolutely ridiculous and also stupidly impressive! Lol i love it”.

It seems that the creator is also enjoying the praise as well as a chance to bring together two beloved franchise, as they replied to another positive comment by saying, “Thank you 🙏 both Pokemon and terraria have been a part of my life for so long I figured I’d show both games respect”.

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