Pokemon Go ‘You’re no match for my iron will’ Rocket Grunt lineup & counters

Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket Grunt EmbraceNiantic

A new Team Go Rocket Grunt has appeared in Pokemon Go using the taunt, ‘You’re no match for my iron will!’ Here are all of the lineups they can use and the best counters to defeat them.

Grunts are the lowest-ranking members of the villainous Team Go Rocket, but it’s still important to know their lineups and type specialty so you can put together a team that will be able to easily defeat them.

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The latest addition to the Team Go Rocket Grunt squad is a Steel-type Grunt that will use the taunt, ‘You’re no match for my iron will!’ when they ambush you after spinning a PokeStop in the game.

To help you defeat this Grunt, we’ve put together details of their potential lineups below, alongside recommendations for the best counters you can use.

‘You’re no match for my iron will!’ lineup in Pokemon Go

This Grunt will only use Steel-type Pokemon, with the following potential encounters:

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Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3
Alolan DiglettAlolan DiglettAlolan SandshrewAlolan SandshrewAggronAggron
Alolan SandshrewAlolan SandshrewLaironLaironScizorScizor

Some of these Pokemon are dual types, such as the Ice/Steel-type Alolan Sandshrew, which means you’ll need to pay attention to both types when figuring out how to take them down.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best counters for this Grunt’s Pokemon below.

‘You’re no match for my iron will!’ counters in Pokemon Go

These are some of the best counters for this Steel-type Grunt:

PokemonFast MoveCharged MoveSprite
GarchompMud ShotEarth PowerGarchomp
MamoswineMud-SlapHigh HorsepowerMamoswine
CharizardFire SpinBlast BurnCharizard
ChandelureIncinerateFlame ChargeChandelure

All of this Grunt’s potential Pokemon are weak to Ground-type attacks with the exception of Scizor, which is only weak to Fire-type attacks.

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For this reason, you should have at least one Ground-type Pokemon and one Fire-type Pokemon on your team. Make sure they have moves of the same type and you should have no trouble winning.

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