Pokemon Go spawns take away Kadabra’s spoon and make it rage

A Pokemon Go player recently documented a wild Kadabra who had lost its spoon, and as a result, it began strangling a nearby Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go Psychic Spectacular is well underway meaning trainers can encounter many of their favorite Psychic Pokemon. This includes the Gen 1 Abra line, as Mega Alakazam is featured in Mega Raids.

While it isn’t a very common spawn, Kadabra can be encountered in the wild as well holding a spoon in one hand and trying to bend it with the other. You can increase your odds of encountering one daily by using the Daily Adventure Incense.

However, one player spotted a short-tempered Kadabra while using their Daily Incense that was gripping a Pokemon by its neck after seemingly having lost its spoon.

Fiesty Kadabra loses spoon and attacks Pokemon

Reddit user aNyan_Cat was the lucky trainer who spotted this aggressive interaction between Kadabra and the alienesque Psychic Pokemon Elgyem. The post was captioned “Kadabra seems to have found a replacement for his comically large spoon”.

The photo showed a Kadabra having spawned in during an Adventure Incense walk. But his right hand – which normally holds a spoon – was firmly gripping the neck of an Elgyem. And thanks to how Elgyem floats, it looked as if Kadabra was strangling the poor alien.

Peering into the comments, most players tend to think Kadabra’s intentions were more sinister than simply replacing his spoon. “NOW TELL ME, WHERE DID YOU HIDE MY SPOON!!!!” a user commented as if it were threatening the Pokemon.

“Getting a Homer & Bart vibe,” another trainer stated referencing how Homer often chokes his son Bart in The Simpsons.

One user shared how they wished they could do the same, stating “With how many of those lil f**kers Ive ran in to in the last few days I’m about ready to strangle a few myself, tbh.”

Regardless, you can be sure that this is the last time a Elgyem decides to mess with a Kadabra’s spoon.