Pokemon Go players slam “worthless” Postcard storage increase upgrade

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go players are not impressed with the newest update that lets them expand their Postcard storage for 100 Poke Coins.

Pokemon Go has plenty of in-game items that trainers can accumulate, though storage space is fairly limited.

While players do have the option to upgrade storage space for some items, these upgrades usually cost Poke Coins, which aren’t always plentiful.

Now, Niantic has introduced yet another storage upgrade option — this time for Postcard inventory space. However, fans are questioning why this update was included, with some calling it “worthless.”

Pokemon Go fans unimpressed with Postcard storage upgrade

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit gained traction after one user created a meme surrounding the recent Postcard storage update, calling it “worthless.”

Many trainers questioned why this storage increase option was implemented ahead of others which would have much more in-game utility. “They add this upgrade option in the store but they still have not added an option in the store to upgrade the maximum egg storage capacity…”

Pokemon Go fans have been asking for egg inventory upgrade options for quite some time now, so many were upset Postcards somehow ended up taking priority.

Others didn’t even realize this was implemented into the game until stumbling upon the Reddit post. “When was this added? I had no clue it was a thing as someone who almost never saves postcards. They really monetize EVERY part of this app, don’t they? Absolute Miltank.”

However, not all trainers found the update completely worthless. “I completely disagree, getting cool postcards from people around the world is great. A peek into someone’s world. It annoys the limit has been so low for so long.”

Especially with the introduction of Vivillon, which relies on Postcards for trainers to obtain all 18 different patterns, some trainers may actually find a use for this storage upgrade.

Still, it seems many players would rather other options for mass-deleting Postcards altogether instead of an option to simply save more of them.

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