Simple Pokemon Go egg inventory concept would be perfect change


Pokemon Go trainers are calling for Niantic to add the ability to delete eggs from your inventory without having to use a ton of valuable incubators to hatch them.

Ever since Pokemon Go launched in 2016 with the ability to delete extra ‘mon from your storage bag, fans have begged Niantic to enable the same option for eggs.

Originally limited to just nine slots, the developers added bonus storage slots in late 2020, bringing it up to a total of 12.

However, trainers are still calling for Niantic to add a new “simple” feature — the ability to delete eggs just like you can with your Pokemon.

Trainers call for the ability to delete eggs

Reddit user TCA-Main_Man posted his thoughts on the Pokemon Go subreddit on July 26, and it quickly gained the attention of other trainers.

“Niantic. Please, Please, let us delete eggs from our inventory.”

Others quickly took to the comments, with another user by the name of AbsoluteRandomPerson saying: “It’ll be cool, but Niantic would want us to buy incubators to get rid of them.”

The original poster argued against his thoughts, explaining that he would actually buy more incubators if he could just do seven, ten, and 12km eggs.

He added: “I’m just that cluttered with 2 and 5k eggs I’m not wasting an incubator on them.”

Another user said they don’t think it’ll ever happen: “No, people will just farm the bigger eggs and they don’t want that. It’ll never happen. Maybe egg trading or swapping with a friend, but not straight up getting rid of eggs.”

It’s clear that fans would be interested in having the ability to get rid of eggs, even if they don’t think it’ll ever actually happen.