Pokemon Go Leak reveals new maximum item & storage upgrades

Pokemon Go storage increase 2022Niantic

Pokemon Go has updated the total maximum storage in time for the first part of the 2022 Winter Holiday event. Players will now be able to store additional Pokemon and items while tackling challenges.

Pokemon Go trainers are having a surprising week for quality-of-life improvements as the December events for the Mythical Wishes season get underway. It has been announced that players will be getting an overhaul of the bag’s item storage, and now base storage for items and Pokemon will also be increasing.

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Many Pokemon Go trainers have been dealing with storage issues for a long while. As new items get introduced to the game, and new species debut, space and organization have become more and more of an issue.

While storage space upgrades are something players must pay for using in-game, premium currency, the chance to add more slots is one many hard-core players will likely be excited about.

Pokemon Go storage expansion confirmed by dataminer

In a Twitter post by PokeMiners, it has been announced that Pokemon Storage will now be 6200 maximum slots and that Max space will now be a maximum of 5200 slots.

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Fans in the comments like JRESeawolf has confirmed that the new max capacity is already live, allowing players to purchase new upgrades for both storage systems.

However, some Pokemon Go fans aren’t as excited, with many frustrated the maximum was only raised by 50 slots. One fan comments “only 50 more spaces? I need more than that” while another adds, “Wow 50 whole storage”.

The lack of space can be a real struggle for many who play the game frequently. From Shiny Pokemon encounters to Legendary Raids, the catches can quickly take up all available room. Hopefully, more storage options will be added to the mobile game in the near future, offering additional ways to keep organized while playing.

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