Pokemon Go datamine sheds light on Master Ball Research, Shadow Raids, & more

pokemon go shadow mewtwo master ball plus plus headerNiantic / The Pokemon Company

A recent Pokemon Go datamine has shed some light on upcoming events like the Master Ball Research, Shadow Raids, the Plus+ device, and much more.

Pokemon Go has plenty of new content coming up for fans to look forward to. Niantic has finally revealed the iconic Master Ball is coming to the mobile game after teasing the possibility for quite some time.

Additionally, fans know that Shadow Raids are on the horizon, which are Raid events that feature powerful Shadow Pokemon held by Team Go Rocket members.

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Now, a massive Pokemon Go datamine has given more details about a ton of upcoming events, features, and even details about the Pokemon Plus+ device.

Pokemon Go datamine details Shadow Raids and much more

The datamine comes from reputable Pokemon Go leakers PokeMiners, which compiled in-game assets and code for the Master Ball and Shadow Raids update.

The datamine also found new information related to the Pokemon Go Plus+ device as well as Sleep settings potentially related to Pokemon Sleep.

Surrounding the Master Ball Research, the datamine uncovered text related to the Research storyline surrounding how trainers will receive the Master Ball. Professor Willow talks about the recent Team Leader events as well as acknowledging Team Go Rocket is beginning to stir up trouble.

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A Shadow Raid in Pokemon GONiantic
Pokemon Go will soon feature Shadow Raids, featuring a new item called Shadow Gems.

The datamine also pulled new details regarding Shadow Raids and the new Shadow Gem items trainers can earn.

According to the leak, Shadow Gems will decrease the boss’ Attacka dn Defense stats during a raid. Trainers will also need to combine four Shadow Shards to form a usable Shadow Gem.

Finally, a variety of new functions for the Pokemon Go Plus+ device were uncovered. The device will function as a step counter and a dedicated device for throwing Poke Balls.

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The middle button of the device can be assigned to either Great Balls or Ultra Balls, which will be disabled when the respective Poke Balls have run out.

Additionally, there is an auto-throw function that will require the use of Adventure Sync. This feature won’t attempt to automatically catch Pokemon trainers have already captured.

Finally, some info surrounding Sleep data was uncovered. Trainers can choose not to give Niantic their sleep data, but the Plus+ device will stick track eight sessions locally. Sleep also must last for at least an hour and a half to be tracked.

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It seems Pokemon Go players will have a lot of new content to look forward to in the coming months, with the introduction of a new Raid type and a new Poke Ball.

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