Pokemon Go players slam “dumb” Storage Box purchase issue

Noelle Corbett
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A Pokemon Go player trying to purchase additional item storage faced an unexpected and frustrating hurdle.

If you consistently play Pokemon Go, chances are you have run out of storage for additional items and Pokemon. The game limits how much your Pokemon storage and item bag can hold, with expansions available through the in-game shop.

However, one player encountered a pretty ironic issue while trying to purchase additional item storage, and it has others frustrated on their behalf.

Pokemon Go player can’t purchase item bag upgrade with full bag

Reddit user Puzzleheaded_Leg703 screenshots taken while attempting to buy a Great Storage Box. However, the game told them they could not make the purchase because their item bag was already full.

This was understandably frustrating, considering one of the things included in the bundle was a bag upgrade.

The cause of the issue likely stems from the Box also including a Premium Battle Pass and Remote Raid Pass, which take up storage slots. Still, it speaks to the issues many players have with Pokemon Go’s item shop and monetization practices.

“It’s like buying a pair of scissors and you need scissors to get them out of the packaging,” said one commenter.

Ultimately, the player decided to buy additional item storage before purchasing the Box. This led some to speculate the problem was intentional and meant to get players to spend more money, with a commenter saying “Well I guess that answers the question of whether it was a bug or a feature…”

The silver lining here is that, so long as you can actually purchase it, the Great Storage Box is a good deal. Players who calculated how much each item is worth individually found the Box saves you 145 Coins, which sets it apart from other Boxes that players have called “ridiculously overpriced.”

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