Pokemon Go players demand more free ways to upgrade storage after recent update

Philip Trahan
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Niantic has once again increased item and Pokemon storage in Pokemon Go, but players are not happy with the premium currency costs.

For those trainers who may have missed it, Niantic rolled out another storage expansion for Pokemon Go.

This update expanded the maximum item and Pokemon storage by 50, for a total of 5150 and 6150 storage spaces respectively.

Unfortunately, players aren’t happy with the premium currency cost of upgrading their storage to the max and took to social media to voice their frustrations.

Pokemon Go fans voice frustration over bag upgrade costs

Pokemon and item storage increases can be extremely helpful to veteran trainers, but some aren’t happy about the premium cost.

Niantic tweeted out the news on August 26, 2022, as tons of fans replied with their concerns about the upgrade’s cost.

“+50 storage space every 200 poke coins, make it 100. You’re making people spend $100 just to upgrade one storage to [max.]” said user Sourguy12YT.

Each 50 additional storage spaces cost 200 of Pokemon Go’s premium currency, which players are able to buy 100 coins for $0.99 in the in-game store.

“There really needs to be more free ways to expand your storage. If you’re not a whale the game stops being fun at like level 35 because of storage bottleneck,” replied turniprincess.

Of course, there are free ways to earn coins in Pokemon Go and that’s through leaving Pokemon at gyms.

With gyms, trainers can potentially earn up to 50 coins per day. Unfortunately, as others pointed out in the replies it’s not as easy as it sounds.

When replying to a player who claimed to have 9,000 coins just from gyms, TsukiNoAkuma13 pointed out that “Some people have no gyms [or] very few locally, or live in very busy areas where their Pokémon don’t last long and they can’t spend all day guarding a gym.”

While there are options to earn premium currency for free, it seems as though more avenues to earn storage upgrades for free would go a long way with the Pokemon Go community.

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