Pokemon Go update adds major bag & item storage upgrade

pokemon storageNiantic

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has just announced a big upgrade for in-game storage, with a higher maximum limit now available to purchase.

The update was rolled out on August 26, delivering a major change that fans have been requesting for some time now.

This isn’t the first time storage has been increased, however, as Niantic has staggered upgrades since the title was first released in 2016.

The more Pokemon that are released into the wild, and the more people run by Pokestops, the more they add to their inventories – so it is only natural to see such changes.

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Pokemon Go Aug 26 update adds upgraded storage option

The news was picked up by Leek Duck, a popular account that keeps fans up to day with the comings and goings of the mobile game.

They tweeted: “Maximum Pokemon Storage and Item Storage have been increased by 50 slots. (You need to purchase upgrades to increase it.)

“The new maximum Pokemon Storage is 6150, and the new maximum Item Storage is 5150.”

When is the next Pokemon Go Training Box out?

A new Training Box has been added to Pokemon Go, which costs 550 PokeCoins.

Inside, you will find a Pokemon Storage upgrade, an Item Bag upgrade, 30 PokeBalls, and 5 Lucky Eggs. It is available from August 27, at midnight local time.

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What’s a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go?

For those who don’t know, a Lucky Egg can be a great way to boost your XP.

In a Niantic blog post, the developers explain the concept: “Lucky Eggs double the amount of XP you earn for a limited period of time. Lucky Eggs typically last for 30 minutes but may last longer during special events.”

Therefore, fans don’t have long to wait to grab the new buffed storage and a few other things.

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